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Ubisoft - first-half 2013 fiscal report

by rawmeatcowboy
12 November 2013
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- €293 million ($393 million) earned , up five percent from the same period in the previous year ($374 million)
- in the second quarter, the company's earnings jumped 46.6 percent from the previous year, totaling €217 million ($291 million) versus €148 million ($198 million) from the previous year
- digital saw sales climbing 29 percent from last year to €71 million ($95 million)
-gross profit of €202.2 million ($271.5 million), up from €192.7 million ($258.8 million) from the same period last year
- ended the first half of the fiscal year with a non-IFRS operating loss of €98 million ($131 million) versus €58.8 million ($78.9 million) from last year
- expects sales from the third quarter of the fiscal year to be down by 38 percent to 33 percent