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Word Wizard 3D on the eShop

by rawmeatcowboy
21 November 2013
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Classic word games that are, addictive and absorbing with endless fun gameplay

WORD WIZARD 3D is a collection of classic word games. The player is invited to create, compose and find words in addictive and absorbing gameplay. Levels of difficulty naturally increase as the players advance through the game making it suitable for all ages.

The games use a well maintained scrabble style dictionary with over 100,000 words per language

English, French & Spanish dictionaries
No swear words or bad language
Educational entertainment
8 totally different games

· WordSearch
· Pick A Letter
· Hangman
· WordFinder
· Bubbles
· WordBlast
· SwapLetters
· Wordoku

Exchange words with StreetPass
Full 3D menus–in game animations
Addictive brain-teasing gameplay
Engaging game environments

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