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Nintendo discusses why Chibi-Robo is starring in a platformer

by rawmeatcowboy
22 June 2015
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Coming from an NWR interview with Nintendo Producer Risa Tabata and Nintendo Producer Kensuke Tanabe...

On Skip's idea of having Chibi-Robo twirl his cord around his head

"That was sort of our hint to focus on the action types of things, For the previous Chibi-Robo games, we had more of the adventure aspect, and for those who are really big fans of Chibi-Robo, it was great. People loved it, but we couldn't quite say that it was widely known by a lot of people. So we wanted to branch out and explore more things."

On creating a Chibi-Robo platformer

"It would be a great place to expand that fanbase (in America)."