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BitBoy lets you back up your Game Boy Camera pictures to SD card

by rawmeatcowboy
06 October 2015
GN Version 5.0

BitBoy is the first-ever SD-Card port for Nintendo's Game Boy Camera. This device enables ultra-fast data transfer straight from Game Boy Camera to SD-Card.

Whether you want to save your Game Boy Camera photographs in Bitmap (Lossless 8-bit Index Color,) extract your Pokédex information, or transpose your Pocket Planner, BitBoy Photo has got you covered.

Distinguishing itself from previous workflows, BitBoy supports batch image transfers, making it simpler than ever before to upload full Game Boy Camera cartridges in one go (- all 30 photos at once !)

BitBoy uses an internal Lithium-Ion battery, and charges using a standard MicroUSB cable. It has a built-in charge controller that preserves battery life. Plugging the device into your Game Boy turns it on, and two LED status indicators confirm that your transfer has been made successfully.

BitBoy uses FAT32-formatted SD Cards: No drivers required. Works with any OS.

Grab yours here