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It’s time to test everything you know about Dinosaurs on the Wii U

by rawmeatcowboy
30 November 2015
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Dinosaurs are a known phenomenon amongst us, but did you know that a Tyrannosaurus Rex could have bitten through a car? It could easily eat the whole thing! Rexy would’ve had a little trouble with the engine block though….

That and many more is shown to you in Dinox!

Dinox is a trivia game about the prehistory. High quality videos will introduce you to the world of Dinosaurs and test your knowledge about all sorts of creatures. The aim is to get the highest score possible. And you don’t have to be all by yourself! Dinox has multiplayer and up to 4 players can play against each other to see who knows the most about the Dinosaurs. And since Dinox has over 900 questions, you’ll have plenty to learn. Dinox is also playable in different languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch) and the questions will be read for you if you wish.
Think you can beat Tyrannosaurus Rex’s high score?

Dinox is developed in cooperation with Codix for the Wii U eShop and will be priced at $4.99/€4.99