Keiichi Ono leaves Monolith Soft, LinkedIn profile reveals unannounced titles

- left Monolith Soft in January this year
- spent almost 12 years with the company
- currently a director at Nubee Tokyo
- profile reveals cancelled/unannounced games

May 2000 - Jan 2012 (11 years 9 months)

- Xenosaga Episode 1 (RPG/PS2)
[Cutscene Production] In charge of cutting and directing cutscenes, and implementation of scripts.

- Baten Kaitos (RPG/GC)
[Event/Cutscene Lead] Responsible for direction of all 2D events and 3D cutscenes in the game, defining specifications, and overall supervision of implementation.

- Baten Kaitos 2 (RPG/GC)
Same as above.

- Disaster Day of Crisis (Action/Wii)
[Planning] Responsible for creating the planning pitch, presenting it to the publisher, starting up the project, and staffing.
[Director] Responsible for leading an internal team of about 60 people and coordinating with many other staff from external companies both domestic and overseas.
[Lead Game Design/Script] Responsible for total game design and the main scenario.

- Unannounced Title (Action/Wii)
[Main Planner] Responsible for planning supervision, main game design, and creation of the story plot.

- The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (Action RPG/Wii)
[Monolithsoft Main Planner] Responsible for leading the planning staff from Monolithsoft who contributed to the project, and supervision of all planning content from Monolithsoft.
[Level Design/Stage Production] Responsible for field layout designs and implementating them with the toolset.
[Concept/Script/Production For Sub-events] Responsible conceptualizing sub-events, writing the text, and implementing them with the toolset.

- Unannounced Title (RPG/---)
[Battle Supervision] Responsible for supervision over the overall combat mechanics in the RPG. Also responsible for game design, defining specifications, staff management, and prototyping using Unity.

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