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Re-release of Castle of Illusions is coming according to Brazilian Age Classification posting

by t27duck
08 April 2013
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Update: This is what I get for skimming an automated translated web page. Looks like this is just a re-release of the game and not a HD remake. Which if that is the case, then it's probably just a standard game running on an emulator on Wii U, 360, and PS3. Lame.

Original post:

The boxart for this has been already leaked and reported on before. This seems to confirm it even more.

WiiClube has news coming from a posting from the Brazilian Age Classification Board that seem to indicate that Castle of Illusions is going to get the "Duck Tales Treatment"! The article is in Portuguese according to Google translate, so I'm going to file this under rumors for now until we get an official (and in English) confirmation. That said, "woo hoo" to more classic Disney games getting the HD treatment! Now if they can just get around to giving some HD love to SNES Aladdin...

Article Here (thanks, Pedro!)