Hero Bank - more details, interview with producer Toshihiro Nagoshi

- features middle-school-aged kids raising virtual heroes
- fight against each other for fame and prestige
- produced by Sega's Toshihiro Nagoshi

"Making a new hero-oriented game is really pretty risky. It's as if you're trying to challenge all the heroes already out there on their own turf. That's why, if we're going to do this, than we're going to put our all into it. Also, making a game for children is also one step in raising the gamers of the future, so it's not something we can be lazy with. I think some publishers tackle this genre with tried-and-true hero stories, but I think there's room for games that deal with the themes Hero Bank deals with as well."

- the hero, Kaito Gosho, and his virtual warriors fight "Hero Battles"
- this is a government-sanctioned sport where winners can potentially earn tons of cash
- the audience and sponsors want you to win in flashy, exciting fashion
- the way you fight and emerge victorious can greatly affect the purse
- upgrade your heroes and even purchase new, more powerful ones

"This is a game that's more targeted toward children than anyone else, but nonetheless 'money' is an important theme here. Some people might think that's a little too raw a topic , but I think it's good to have a theme like that in a hero-oriented story. Money is an inescapable part of our lives, and while the amounts we're talking may differ, it's something near and dear to children as well. Mixing money in with this heroic kind of game lets us explore new types of drama, I think."

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