Kojima Productions dev looking forward to Nintendo's entire lineup in 2014

Eurogamer asked a handful of devs what their most anticipated titles for 2014. Jordan Amaro, Designer at Kojima Productions, had this to say.

"It's difficult to find very exciting stuff or changes of paradigms in the AAA space for next year, except maybe The Division and whatever Nintendo ships so I'll go with indies and the first is a no brainer: The Witness. I'm expecting an experience unlike any other made of interesting substance and meaning. I'm very intrigued by Everybody's Gone to the Rapture's concept. I think this can be quite special. Routine is looking phenomenal aesthetically, they have elaborated on what the game is about and I'm sold. RIME by Spain's Tequila Works is also looking so serene; and that music. Overall another great year to look forward to thanks to... Well we all know who."

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