Splatoon lighting up Amazon sales charts around the world

We've already told you about how well Splatoon was doing on the Wii U charts over on Amazon, but that was just in the states. It looks like Nintendo's new IP is making waves all around the world!

Over on Amazon Spain, Splatoon has taken the #1 spot in all of games. Looking at Amazon UK, the Splatoon amiibo bundle is in the top 10, with the game itself sitting at spot 11. On Amazon Japan, Splatoon is sitting in the 1, 2 and 3 spots in gaming overall. Amazon France has the game at #3 and Amazon Germany has it in the top 20. Looks like that Global Testfire event really did a good job convincing some people!

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Sun May 10 15 01:46am
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Great, Splatoon deserved it

Wow, impressive. And that test fire thing sure was smart. I just wish I could have joined. I'm in Japan and living in a share house, the TV down stairs does have a HDMI cable but I could only get the sound to work. Why wont you let us play with just the gamepad, Nintendo? ToT

#Omg I'am a source... *INSERT ANY CNN SONG HERE* 

It looks like the Global Testfire event had some positive results. I wish they would have more of them, at normal hours and longer times but, what you gonna do? At least they did something and it was fairly stable. I wonder if they will release statistics of the amount of people played.

I missed it. Too busy being an alcoholic Sad

What? You can't combine the two? :O

This is great news and everything, but now I'm worried I won't be able to get that amiibo 3 pack from Amazon now.

It'd be brilliant to see it become a million seller worldwide.

I can't say I'm surprised. I've had zero interest in Splatoon until yesterday. I thought I'd give the demo a try and I now suddenly find myself intending to purchase it day one. Though, I will be that guy and say that it would benefit from voice chat, seems silly not to have it considering it's all very team based online.

Even before my interest in it I wanted to see it succeed. I'm hoping it can go really far because we all know they need some new and fresh IP's...

Sun May 10 15 04:15am
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The testfire events were a genius bit of testing and marketting, I'm actually excited for the game now after seeing just how silky smooth and responsive the game will be. Nintendo really needs to be lauded for this game's netcode.

My only disappointment with the game as of now is the lack of bots.

What if THIS was the game to make Wii U's fly off the shelves...like what if it out performed MK8 and SSB4? I sure hope so cause that means hopefully more big new IP's from Nintendo and Splatoon sequels in the future! 

Out perfomring Mario Kart 8 would be pretty damn impressive considering more than 50% of Wii U owners bought it.

That would be amazing. I think that splatoon is really hitting all the right notes to make something like this possible. It just is so solid in its ideas and execution 

I only had time to play the testfire for 30mins but I was hooked after the first game. Congrats Nintendo on creating your best IP since Pikmin.

Sun May 10 15 06:10am
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game was fun but why do I get the impression that the game is too light on content for a 60Eu game? Single player just will not work so I am interested to see how they will go about it. The game is also too fast to have a solid team strategy changing on the fly due to how the game goes(so it really does not need voice chat in game due to its simplicity - well done Nintendo!) aaaand it made no sense to me to have a 3 hour demo.

Will pick it up on a budget, even if sales had a big spike, this is the perfect game to go free to play (team fortress 2 is now free mind you) but I will probably pick it up discounted (if I can find it)

On the upside I preferred motion controls! Didn't expect that!

60 euro?
Where do you live?
I'm in the Netherlands and i saw it for 37 euro on most webshops.

Also, this demo was more of a test to see if the servers could handle x amount of players in a short period of time (think launchday) hence the name test fire.

Sun May 10 15 08:06am
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you are right, it is cheaper in europe (got carried away by amazon's 59.96$  - WOW - so I assumed its 60 over here too) retailing at 45Eu. Still it is very expensive for the content offered. Team Fortress never cost that much.

As for the load test, I got quite a few disconnections so...that wasn't a success tbh. (free online yay!!!!)

The testfire was great, not at all as obnoxious as people assumed. ^^ I am happy this game seems to be doing well. I just hope the sales will be big enough to, well, not be seen as a failure by most of the internet.

It's Nintendo, people will find SOME WAY to downplay any sort of positive reception whether it be financially or critically. In fact, I've noticed that most people hyping things to the impossible levels with sales are the ones who don't want those games to succeed

I may have only played a bit of the first session of the Global Testfire but I had lots of fun and it sure made my decision to purchase the game and also its Amiibo as well whenever Amazon opens pre orders.

Sun May 10 15 07:46am
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That is true. The general media has it's special rules about Nintendo having to do so much more to not get bashed. Which is quite sad. :/
But oh well. I see a upturn for Nintendo in the near future. I hope Splatoon becomes a hit, so we may see more interesting Online-focused games from the in the future.

EDIT: Gah, meant to reply to Aiddon above. Sorry. New GoNintendo is messing with me. ^^"

for instance, their drama over Splatoon not having voice chat. Hissy fits left and right...until the Global Testfire proved that voice chat was not needed.

Sun May 10 15 07:18am
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yes may I inform the Nintendo exclusive gamers that Sony has released FREE demo versions of a few of its AAA games (ie Killzone 3 open beta - TWELVE DAYS) with a level cap (as in you KEEP your level) and NO TIME restrictions. Here you just played for nothing, another issue Nintendo seem to miss about today's competitive gaming. With the company struggling to remove the number of times you can play a demo (calling them special demo editions!!!), they also missed the closing remarks from the demo, where the features of the full version are presented (and no I did not finish watching the direct, this is the FIRST time I did not finish a direct as I could not stand the tone being "scientific" for no real reason) so I can find a lot of things they did wrong and those truly aware of the competition, they will understand my points even if they don't agree.

Umm... Careful, your ego is sorta showing when you said, "they would understand my point, even if they don't agree".... I understand you want Nintendo to do things like what Sony do, but do you ever think it might not work for Nintendo as it would work Sony? I know you're disappointed, but sometime you can't expect too much. that stuff turn people into grouchy cynics and pessimist who refuse to see the bright side of things. Everyone, from Nintendo, to Sony, to Ms operate differentlly from eachothers (not truly sure about Ms because they do the same stuff that Sony do at times to the point that they're almost the same....). You can say if Nintendo do that Sony do it woukd benefit them, but however, that does not always work... People keep suggesting that Nintendo should do what everyone else is doing, but they never think that doing what others doing might not work the same way is it does with everyone else. So ask me, how do you know if Nintendo do the thing that Sony do would guaranteed work for them as well?

Really happy to see this! I myself was skeptical but after playing that demo I preordered a copy as well. Smile

good news, I think it was an interesting way to promote the game and to also test the network. I'm glad it worked a little bit. To be honest I would not mind them doing it the exact same way again. E3 demos for instance, available at your home only one hour on a Sunday . why would they do that for offline titles ? I don't know but it could be a nice surprise.... sure it could also brick systems but hey.
They should do that for devil's third, right now the interest is quite low, that could put the spotlight on it, one hour in one news day.

That's a pretty good idea! I think Devil's Third should get the same demo treatment, Splatoon got! 

This is a game that seems weird when you first learn about it. But when you actually get to play it, you realize how fun it is and understand it more. This game is mad fun and I hope it sells well.

Most excellent news. I had a feeling I'd like the game, but it's great to know that the test fire got me as well as so many others excited.

That is great to hear! I hope the game does very well.

Played the game during it first testfire. Hardly had hang ups. It played real smoothly.  I was impressed from smoothed it played. ! akes me want to get the game. Hope this game become successful, because it deserves it. If so, it would another game that can help out the Wii-u.
I'm looking forward for the full realeased. 

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