A note on why Sony is claiming Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack samples on YouTUBE

Not a big deal by any means, but some people do seem confused with this. Uploads of Xenoblade Chronicles X soundtrack samples to YouTube are receiving copyright claims. Those claims are coming from Sony, which has some people confused. For those that don't know, Sony Music Labels is behind the soundtrack's publishing in Japan, so that's why they're making the claims.

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That is kind of... Funny but in an odd way.

It's ironic because everyone rips on Nintendo for these faulty claims when a lot of other companies have it happen to them too. Youtube auto-flags a lot of these videos without the consent of the company it's on the behalf of.

I think it's rather obvious.

Too bad Nintendo rarely releases soundtracks in the states. This would be a good one to get.

That's ironic in a way, but you have to remember Sony has many many branches to its company including music. lol

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