Monster Hunter X - another round of info

- main village of Monster Hunter X is called Verna Village
- will also feature villages from past Monster Hunter titles, including Yukumo Village from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
- new unknown lands will have new monsters in addition to creatures that are said to be from primeval times
- could possibly have four flagship monsters
- Hunters will have access to new special moves and actions that look pretty flashy
- “Hunting Maneuvers” are special moves that allow you to perform a powerful attack to a monster
- these moves also come with enhancements or buffs, including the ability to heal other nearby Hunters
- “Hunting Style” lets you turn moments of danger into stylish actions
- the four main monsters have their own unique characteristics and habits



light wolf
Mon Jun 01 15 06:18pm
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This isn't really new info, though, it's the same we got yesterday. Still, cool stuff.

I hope we get the names (and some info) on the 4 flagship monsters soon. The mammoth thing looked really cool. Popodrome confirmed?

I'm glad Leviathans are back. Hopefully Lagiacrus is among them, even if there's no water combat. I really miss that guy.

Also nice to see Yukumo and the Misty Peaks back, really beautiful areas there. Maybe we Western hunters will finally get to fight Amatsumagatsuchi officially.


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