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Metroid Prime: Federation Force - new details, Metroids/Samus make an appearance

by rawmeatcowboy
17 June 2015
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The following info comes from a Kotaku interview with Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe...

- use the second stick on the New 3DS to look around
- game also runs on the regular 3DS
- Blast Ball could serve as a replacement for a traditional tutorial
- concept for the game has been floating around for 10 years now
- single player mode
- no four against four player matches
- co-op four player mode where you fight as a team against space pirates
- three major planets
- roughly 10 different missions on each planet
- areas for you to look around and explore
- no visor scanning
- a mission involves Metroids

Tanabe: Personally, I don’t feel like I am creating anything that is a side-story. Until now, we’ve never had a game focusing on the Federation Force fighting against the space pirates. So the main idea here is that I sort of wanted to change that focus a little bit and see it from a different view from the same universe. So as I briefly mentioned earlier, once you play the game you’ll be able to feel that Metroid Prime universe. So it’s kind of... at this point it’s a little difficult I’m sure for both sides to get that idea ...for players who haven’t touched the game, it’s really difficult to imagine that feeling you get when you touch the game. So it’s a kind of an unfortunate situation at this time, but it’s something I definitely look forward to having the users touch it and play and experience the awesomeness of it.

- Samus will make an appearance
- move around in mechs that are outfitted before each mission
- choose to be more of a “healer” by equipping repair capsules
- arm yourself with super missiles
- game is overseen by Nintendo’s Yoshihito Ikebata and Ryuichi Nakada

Tanabe: “The bounty hunters in Metroid Prime Hunters were ... defeated, but I think he left Sylux for something later on.”