Fire Emblem Fates - more info on 3rd DLC, more content to come as well

- regardless of which version you play, you’ll get to unlock the other route as a DLC for 2,000 yen
- choose to “open a new future” option on the main menu to access this
- one you purchase the alternate scenario, the game will add three save data slots
- the third scenario will have you face another group
- there will also be additional stages and other content available to download
- third scenario will have just about the same amount story volume as Fire Emblem Awakening


I really want all three scenario.I hope the pricing is decent. I'll prob do the two carts as I have two 3ds and this way I can play onlineagainst my brothers.

Anyone know if the save data between any of the versions is connected?

Anyone know if the save data between any of the versions is connected?

What do you mean by that?

I know that if you buy the games digitally you get extra slots. Like, if you bought, say, the Hoshido path (physically or digitally) then bought Nohr digitally, it would give you three extra save slots.

If your asking if you can transfer save data between versions, I don't think so.

I really don't understand why this is built this way. Do you DOWNLOAD or 'unlock' the alternate path?

If you're paying to 'unlock' it, like on-disc DLC, then that's garbage.

Regardless of whether it's on cartridge or not, it's still available day one. It doesn't make any difference.

I don't care WHEN it's available, it's the fact that you're paying for what's already there.

Something that could've just been an unlock after beating one path or something.

No, I agree that having to pay for something that's available on launch day is scandalous. I just meant I don't think it matters whether it's on-disc or download, we're having to pay anyway.

Ah, okay. We're on the same page.

According to the Iwata Asks yesterday, they were still in the middle of devolping the third path, and it's not coming out until July.

I'm referring to the other game's path, which I realize wasn't clear.

Both games being available on the cartridge but one locked behind money. The third is fine.

Oh, sorry. That's the second time I've mistaken someone talking about the alternate path for the third path.

Well, anyway, I'm not sure that the data is on both, actually. Though I imagine the games share a lot of assets.

And then there's the digital version, which allows you to pick which path you want in-game. I've always wondered, does that mean that, when you download it, you just get the first five chapters and the rest is downloaded later? Or does it download everything, then delete the other path that you didn't choose?


Fri Jun 26 15 08:03am
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Yeah, in the digital version, you are taken back to the main menu after Chapter 6, where it downloads the version you chose for free.

Seems to me you're paying to unlock the second path regardless of which title you buy, but buying a download for the third.


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