Super Mario Maker includes 100 pre-made courses on disc

Coming from the official EU website...

By connecting to the internet*, you can download and play courses created by other players from all over the world! There are also 100 courses included that you can play without an internet connection

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It's nice to know how many levels are in the game. The number one hundred seems to be a running theme as well, what with the one hundred Mario challenge.

I'm gonna have so much fun with this game. Especially with making my own Courses. I have so many great ideas (and no, most are not 'made silly hard just to be silly hard). XD

Sweet so this game is an editor tool and the next 2D Mario in one. It really feels like there is no need for traditional 2D Mario's anymore after this game tbh.

If they do it's going to have to have something new and creative.

to be honest, i hope this is the end of the NSMB series.

Don't we all man? Don't we all....

Uh no, we all don't. I'll gladly take more 2D Mario platforming games. Do I want a new visual style now instead of more of the NSMB look? Absolutely, it's time to put that visual style to rest, but to stop all together with 2D Mario games, no way!

Still do not get the odd hate for the NSMB style/graphics. What's so bad about it? It looks just what a 3D 2D Mario 'should' look like. :/

I can only speak for myself, but for me, it's not hate for me so much as just fatigued out on it now. It's time for a different visual style to the 2D traditional platforming Mario games. I don't care if it's back to retro pixel sprite animation, hand-drawn like Wario Land Shake It or something more creatively different a la Woolly World or Kirby's Epic Yarn style. It just needs to be freshened up I think. It all looks kinda bland now since it hasn't changed in so long. I mean Just look at the old traditional 2D Mario games as a perfect example of that. Each one, safe for the Japanese version of SMB2 (our Lost Levels entry) have a wholly unique and different visual style from one and other. SMB to SMB2 (US version) to SMB3 to SMW etc. but they've stuck with the NSMB style now for 4 entries. 5 if you count NSLU too. It's grown stale now.

I would say yes, but 2D Mario still [sadly, imho] outsells the 3D Mario's by a large margin.

So, perhaps Super Mario Maker will become a standard system app going forward, and be updated with each new 2D style every few years [after a new 2D Mario game comes out, obviously]?

I think I might cry. Actual new, made by Nintendo devs, courses from Super Mario Bros. 3. God yes.

I'm super stoked about 100 pre-made courses! I love 2D Mario games and want to see many more to come!!

So the Demo only had 40% of the actual course we will have? Cool. o-o

Fri Jun 26 15 12:10am
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This was what was going to be the selling point of this game for me personally. You guys think that's a lot? That's basically 25 levels per filter style. 25 for the SMB style. 25 for the SMB3 style. 25 for the SMW style and 25 for the NSMB style. I was hoping for at least double that. I think since I don't really like to create levels and make my own stuff with games like this, never been big into level editors, the only way I'm going to get this game is free in a buy 2 get 1 free type deal that will hopefully happen towards the Christmas shopping season in Nov./Dec. $60 for 100 levels that probably aren't very long isn't to good in my opinion. Now if the game had been $40 then totally.

In addition to that I would be worried about the "soul" of this levels. One might hope those levels are presented in good and varied world mapd and follow some classic themes (water, ice, desert, etc.) in order to give the true Mario feeling to the game. Hell they could go the extra line and have alternate routes, secret exits and some basic story/ending.

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