Splatoon - Version 1.3.0 update hits Japan on July 1st

Splatfest Amendments

– If it takes too long to find another team, you can fight the same team again.
* Even if playing against the same team, Splatfest Points can still be earned.
* Only the opposing team’s results will be counted at the conclusion of a Splatfest battle.
– If you begin the software before the Splatfest start time, an adjustment will be made where you may be able to begin 5 minutes before the start time (from the start time, you can participate in all areas).
* The purpose of this is to reduce congestion that would occur immediately following the start.
– The number of Super Sea Snail increases when you acquire the “Charisma” and “Eternity” titles when the team that voted loses.

Special Weapon Adjustments

– Inkstrike: When used, the mark that shows the impact zone has been greatly changed.
– Kraken: If attacked in the middle of using this, they will be repelled stronger than before.
Gear Power Adjustments
– Ninja Squid: The speed of the squid dash has been made slower than before.
– Stealth Jump: The time taken to charge has been made longer.
– Ink Resistance: The negative effects of movement and damage that enemy ink has on you when walked on has been reduced.


– Various game content has been fixed to better customer experience.

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Whoa, actually giving patch notes rather than the vague "figure it out yourself" method that they did with Smash! Genuinely happy to see this...although sad at some of the nerfs. But it makes sense; Ninja Squid had become a must-have because the good far outweighed the bad. Also Krakens are so annoying and I never saw them getting pushed back at all before, even though Judd said that should happen.

Fri Jun 26 15 02:18am
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Awesome changes, all welcomed.
I've had times where an inkstrike is cast on the other side of an obstacle that I'm behind of and the warning isn't visible. Wondering what they've done to make it more visible... hopefully taller.

also, are these translated? Only asking because--

– Ink Resistance: The negative effects of movement and damage that enemy ink has on you when walked on has been reduced.

Ink resistance is already a must-have stat, I thought if anything it would've been nerfed. Or is this referring to Ink Res in general?

Ha, none of those nerfs affect my set-up. Take that, everyone trying to abuse unbalanced mechanics.

These are all pretty unneeded balances. This is a well balanced game and the respawn times are so short (plus you can quick travel to anyone alive) that it's pretty negligible. Hopefully they don't nerf the good stuff TOO much.

Probably for the best to reduce ninja-squid. Can't tell if ink-resistance is saying it got buffed or de-buffed though. Also I had no idea you were supposed to be able to repel Kraken, they just seemed to be an automatic-kill if they cornered you. It might just make them just-about pointless, unless they sneak up on you. But at least maybe that'll push some people to try different weapons anyway...

Seems like all good things!

Wouldn't the patch have to hit everywhere besides Japan at the same time? We're all playing together.

If this was on July 4th then this'd be a non-issue [as both western Spatfests are happening then], but as it's not then, yes, that is a very good point.

I expect it'll be announced for the rest of us later [to happen on July 1st also].

Already loved Ink Resistance so this sound great! I will be interested to try out the Ninja Squid power after this update. I was just doing quite well earlier today while thinking I had the Ninja Squid power on but really had removed it to level up another piece of equipment a few rounds ago; I don't think the power is necessary to playing the game well, but it's certainly useful.


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