Reggie teases colors/variants for New 3DS XL, NX development, amiibo sales, mobile approach

A portion of a Forbes interview with Reggie Fils-Aime...

F: I was a little surprised that the announcements were all games, and there wasn’t any mention of hardware. Was there a strategic decision to focus on software?

RFA: Our focus is over the current six- to nine-months. In our handheld space, we’ve just launched the new Nintendo 3DS XL. So from that standpoint, there is no new hardware coming over the next six- to nine-month period. There might be some new variants. The thing about the handheld space, consumers love new designs, new colors. And we’ll continue to offer those types of experiences. But there’s not going to be a fundamentally new piece of handheld tech coming out.

In the home console space, we’re focused on Wii U. NX is in the future. That’s something that we’ll talk about at the appropriate time. But right now, it’s all about driving our Wii U business.

F: But doesn’t the fact that the NX has been revealed, that people know it’s coming at some point in the future, make it difficult for you to get the message out there about the current platform?

Honestly, no. Consumers know that effectively, as we complete one piece of hardware, we always start thinking about the next. So we’re constantly challenging ourselves. What’s new? What’s different? What’s coming down the pipe?

RFA: The way we approach it is when there’s a game or an approach that we can’t do on the current system, that’s when we begin in earnest to focus on the next system. So what that means is that our developers, a number of them must have certain ideas that will be enabled by the NX. We’re going to have to develop those ideas and get that software ready. And that’s going to drive the timing for when we provide more details on NX.

F: Do you have a sense of who’s buying amiibo? I wonder how many people are buying the Amiibo simply as collector’s items, versus actually using them in games.

RFA: We’re seeing both. There are collectors and completionists out there. And those are probably the consumers being the most vocal about not being able to get a particular figure. But we’ve done research. And I’m not going to show the numbers. But the number of Amiibo figures that people are playing with was astounding to us. It was bigger than we had anticipated. So from that standpoint, the collector aspect, the play aspect is really a strong driver of this business. We knew it would be. But certainly, 10.5 million units globally effectively over the course of about five months, is a very strong business.

F: What can you tell me about Nintendo’s new mobile strategy?

RFA: We’re not talking in detail about mobile here at this conference. The only things I can tell you, first, we have a robust partnership with DeNA. They bring a lot of knowledge and a lot of infrastructure into our efforts. We obviously have the IP. And we believe we’ve got game creators that can do wonderful things on any platform.

We’ve also said that we’re going to be doing a limited number of games and applications in this space. And we say that because as you look across the landscape, most of the players in this space have won it. So it’s not like the video game business where there’s going to be a lot of development across a lot of different franchises. It’s going to be a very focused develop. And we’ve said that the first application will come out this calendar year.

So that’s all I can tell you. But certainly, it is something that we’re committed to. And our goal is to be Nintendo in this space, which is all about being innovative and being fun.

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Mon Jun 29 15 08:34pm
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People won't stop asking them about NX or mobile it seems. Why can't their nipples be pleased?

Really hoping to hear more about what colors/variants of New 3DS are hitting here. That's basically what's been stopping me from buying one.

"In the home console space, we’re focused on Wii U. NX is in the future."

Maybe I missed earlier confirmation, but did Reggie just basically confirm the NX is a home console and not a handheld?

Well, when Tanabe was asked about a Wii U Metroid, he did say it was too late and would probably be moved to NX if started now. Unless the NX is a handheld, and is stronger than Wii U, I think it may be.

That does indeed seem to be what he is saying I have seen him say this in multiple interviews at e3 and post e3.

Would make perfect sense. Putting out a new Metroid on a console that can't match the graphical fidelity of the shooters on the other consoles (I know, I know, it's more than just a shooter, but not to those that don't know anything about the series) would just be sending the game to die. Maybe it'll be one of the NX's launch titles...

It makes perfect sense because when they saw how perfectly Metroid Prime's alien environments and visor system works with NX's VR headset, they couldn't resist. On the plus side, work on the Gamepad's gyro-visor could more or less port over, so I'd expect a launch title.

(But don't tell anyone...)

yeah it seems to me it confirmed it or let it slip. Or to be very generous, he doesn't want to stop the new 3ds sales..... yeah I don't believe it really but that's all I can think of. After the made up rumor that however did hit just right the price point acceptable to me, this interview doesn't feel me with confidence for the whole home system part of nintendo business.
Please people, just stop asking. Ask about amiibo, a lot of news to be made there. or games either are fine for me

"Honestly, no. Consumers know that effectively, as we complete one piece of hardware, we always start thinking about the next."


Reggie doesn't know the Internet. Last month somebody posted a news saying Sony was looking for people to work on their next console and everybody on the site I was freaked about like "What? Already? WTF? I can't believe, I've just bought a PS4".

I think the NX will be out only by the end of 2017... Nintendo announcing it this early just made people think it's going to be out next year and that they will drop Wii U support and release all the Zeldas and whatnot on the NX.

That was a VERY stupid decision from Nintendo... It's like they don't how people on the Internet and gaming journalist are... Nintendo marketing team is as NOOB as your regular hardcore gamer on the Interwebs.

Mon Jun 29 15 09:40pm
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Consumers know that effectively, as we complete one piece of hardware, we always start thinking about the next.

Expect they don't. They should, but they don't. To most consumers, announcing the next generation is an indicator that you've given up on the current one. And I know that's not the case here, and Nintendo's partnership with DeNA forced them to prematurely announce the NX, but plenty of consumers are already seeing that as a sign that Nintendo has given up on Wii U.

Certainly doesn't help that Metroid was confirmed to probably come to NX, not Wii U, no Wii U Animal Crossing and the fact E3 had nothing new to offer for Wii U that we didn't know besides ACAF.

Nintendo's doing a good job of making it seem like they're done with Wii U.

Tue Jun 30 15 04:18am
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While I believe that WiiU won't get much more software aside from Zelda in 2016, what you say about Metroid is not true. It was never confirmed that Metroid is not coming to WiiU.

Tue Jun 30 15 12:14pm
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I should rephrase that "Metroid Prime" was confirmed not coming to Wii U.

At the very least, Retro is not making a Metroid game for Wii U.

So it's possible for another Sakamoto game, or a 2nd party, but if we're moving forward to NX with stuff, and Reggie confirming that they weren't talking about anything not coming out in the next 6-9 months (going towards March 2016) and basically implying there wasn't a Metroid being made right now besides Federation Force, the lines point to "no Metroid for Wii U".

It's not like that's a crazy thing anyway. N64 skipped Metroid too.

I agree with that. My bet is that ZeldaU will be the last high budget game that we are going to see on WiiU and most likely we will also see it as an NX launch title.

Tbh, the fact Nintendo barely advertised the system after launch kinda seems to me like they'd realised they couldn't fix this one [like they did with the 3DS]..

But regarding Metroid and Animal Crossing, sucks for their fans [although, tbh, the fact both are getting spin-off games at all might be a good thing for them as series going forward], but to be put on a healthier [console] will be best in the long run than being [to use the term] 'sent out to die'.

As much as I love Wii U, and want games for it, I know games being put on it are more or less going to sell poorly. They're really risking it with some of the stuff coming out and none of them will do well if they don't repeat what they did with Splatoon (the massive advertising).

It's upsetting NOW, but in the future, this will all make sense.

I'm starting to think we didn't get the small N3DS because American love their special edition XL's and it would hurt that market. :/

Anyway, I was holding out for a small N3DS but finally started to admit defeat and now I want to hold out for new colors :/ (green or orange would be awesome) Why can't I wait you ask? Since April, my old XL is on it's last leg and must lay flat on a table or it''ll turn off. Really annoying playing like that and I don't know how long before it completely dies.

Tue Jun 30 15 12:17pm
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I think they flat out confirmed that the XL sold the best, in all markets and that's why they went with it in NA. Even though Japan has the faceplates, they buy the LL more, IIRC.

Man, Reggie seems fun, but I wish someone else was running NoA.

New 3DS dream dead again. Sad

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