Japan - Splatoon is the highest selling Wii U eShop game of all-time

Looks like Splatoon's success is continuing on. In Japan, more people have bought Splatoon through the eShop than any other game available on the service. The previous king was Dragon Quest X, but we don't have a total for that game. We do know that last week, Splatoon had moved 57k digitally.

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Take note, Nintendo: please make more new IPs! Good games will sell regardless! No need to shove Mario (or Metroid) where it doesn't belong...

I wonder, is this because it is a new IP, and isn't as precious to the consumer so they don't feel the need to buy a boxed version. Or just because it's hard to find on shelves....

It could also be convenience. Seeing as how mobile gaming is all the rage there. Digital may be more common there now.

:whistles: That much from just a week of sales? Nice!

...Also, I was playing Ranked at noon today and most of the other players were Japanese... and they're like 13 hours ahead of my timezone. lol Those guys are hooked! And they played pretty well too despite the time~ XD

Mon Jul 06 15 11:46pm
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Do you mean a month of sales? I'm pretty sure the 57K is total digital sales as of last week. It can't seriously be 57K digital last week, as that would probably double the sales of Splatoon in Japan.

I'm rather surprised. Barely anything sells well on the Japanese eShop, no matter what VC games are put up they barely do well at all over there. Wouldn't be surprised if they prefer having new games instead of retro ones every week (Japan rarely gets any of the indie games we do, which is why they get a ton of VC games.)


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