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Dang, I thought Falco was in this batch.

Nah, Falco has an unknown release date. Probably will release at the same time as Star Fox Zero

I hate this, Falco has been my most wanted amiibo since I got Fox as my first one!

I wouldn't worry too much though, only a few more months to go!

I know, I just find it ufunny how he's the last SSB character to receive an amiibo. Not even "among the last", but THE last. Unless they release DLC characters with him, which is still a posibility.

If they release the Falco amiibo alongside Star Fox Zero maybe they do a bundle? That'd make him easier to get, maybe...

Considering Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy and Ryu are getting amiibo, Falco is techinally among the last

I know, I didn't express myselft right. He's the last of the non-DLC characters, and being fairly popular and in the series since Melee, I didn't expect that to be the case, but whatever. :P

I don't even want to think about how infuriatingly rare all three of the WTF/Retro characters are going to be. Good thing I'm only trying to get the characters I regularly play as (which is still 16 but still...).

As long as I get my Duck Hunt Amiibo, I will be set.

ROB is the only one outside of Captain Falcon I really want(the latter I've given up on for now)

*is tempted to get 4 G&W Amiibo to have all versions standing*



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