Mewtwo amiibo prototype spotted at Comic-Con

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It looks very nice, and glad it's stand isn't that, well, bad, hah. ^^ He looks very big as well.

A big, purple monster with a long tail.

Well, that is the best description for Mewtwo :p

Thank you. c: Not at all suppose to sound like purple space dragons!

YES! But what the hell, he's like standing outside of the platform. Hope that changes.

It'll probably change [although the visual of Mewtwo being too powerful to be contained even by a binding circle of sorts is kinda cool, imho].

Probably not, look at Greninja (and probably some others that I'm not bothered to look up).

Would you unlock Mewtwo with the amiibo if you did not buy the DLC?

light wolf
Thu Jul 09 15 10:22am
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I doubt it, as you don't directly play as him. Also if that was the case you could share a single Mewtwo amiibo to unlock him on many consoles and that's not something Nintendo would do.

It seems amiibo of unlockable characters work don't unlock the character, so I think it'll be the same here.

I was thinking that Nintendo should either include both a Wii U and 3DS code or one code for the DLC amiibo if you haven't bought


Shame there is only one Mewtwo in the wild, then. You are looking at the world supply right there! :P


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