Discussing AMD's potential partnership with Nintendo on the NX

The following info comes from AMD chief executive Lisa Su...

- AMD has won a third semi-custom chip design
- the promise of these chip designs is that they could yield products that could generate a billion dollars in sales
- AMD would have to enable a way for the new console to use software translation in order to run older Wii and Wii U games

The following comes from Patrick Moorhead, an analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy

- “I think it’s a very high probability (of AMD pairing with Nintendo) unless Nintendo goes Android where I would expect them to go with Nvidia.”

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As long as it means that the NX can run Classic VC and Wii/Wii U Games or just VC and Wii U Games I will be happy with Nintendo going with AMD and Nintendo partnering up as long as it means that stuff will work and as long as the NX holds 2 or more TB in Space to allow for upgrades and still give customers the room to add as many VC and Digital Games in general. Not having the allowed Space has been the thing to stop me from going all Digital over Physical copies on both the 3DS and the Wii U as well.

Might sound cynical, but why would Nintendo spend resources to make the NX retrocompatible with a console no one bought? Made sense with the Wii considering its success, but now starting with a clean slate would be a better course of action, IMO.

Easy porting of VC games. Everything from old school games already coded for Wii/Wii U to VC versions of Wii U games. Even though people didn't like the Wii U hardware, they'd still buy Smash 4 on the NX. Especially the new adopters who didn't have a Wii U.

I might jump the gun a little but I think people will be interested in the Wii U games if they where in a place where they could get the games everyone else wants. Still they need to come down on how to streamline their control options, and they'll have to tweak the games that use the gamepas (which I suppose for better, aren't that many).

You just answered your own question. Not many people bought a Wii U, so people who buy an NX can also catch up on the Wii U games they missed without buying two systems.

Because the NX will go beyond the Wii U's hardware and I don't mean bringing back the Gamepad. Any games the Wii U have now I feel that the NX will in some way keep backwards compatibility because they've done that a lot since the days of the Handhelds and only started to recently do it with the home consoles starting with the Wii when the GCN was supported. Backwards Compatibility was not the Wii U's issue, Nintendo themselves have stated that Wii U's Gimmicky Gamepad was the issue and that no third party developer wanted to support it, No fans in their right mind wanted to use it and went with the Wii U Pro Controller and People wished that the Gamepad was the secondary control option. I have heard people say that if not for the Gamepad the Wii U would have been successful. The Backwards Compatibility was what in all honesty kept me interested in my Wii U after I had beaten my Wii U Games, that and the eShop's Virtual Console service that should have been the standard on Wii U when it launched to begin with.

NX if it gets VC support needs a Cross-Buy option so that if you buy a VC Game once no matter if it is a Home console or Portable system needs a way to buy it once and have it on both systems. If you buy say Ocarina of Time on the NX that you get to play it on the handheld for free or if you have Super Mario Bros or Minish Cap which I have both on the Wii U and 3DS both being Ambassador games on my 3DS's VC service need to be free as many times as I have bought it by now.

As for clean slate starting, They can still do that and have both backwards compatibility and the Virtual Console service intact and not having a gimmicky controller and more space up to 2 or more TB in space so that people don't need a HHD after only a few weeks to months due to file sizes of Digital Retail games. I did not go digital retail a lot due to the space limitations the Wii U has suffered from like I stated before if not in my op then to someone else in this topic.

Fri Jul 17 15 03:32am
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"No fans in their right mind wanted to use it" - Completely disagree. Even if I'm a little insane at times.

The reality was that no one gave it a proper shot.

You've also twisted Nintendo's phrasing to suit your piece. They said the issue was that they couldn't communicate the value of the system and the GamePad.

2TB is a completely unrealistic hope. 1TB is more likely. At the moment, 1TB for the Wii U is pure overkill and will never be maxxed out by a statistically significant number of gamers. Nintendo games have been less than 10GB so far. Pikmin 3? about 5GB. Splatoon? A measly 1.8GB. The largest games top out at around 20GB.

Given that 1TB = 1024GB I invite you to do the math as to how many games you can fit in. Hint = A lot.

And that's only if you go completely digital. Which few gamers can afford to.

Fri Jul 17 15 04:45am
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That maybe the case with the proper shot thing, but that extends to 3rd party developers and fans alike. I like the gamepad myself, but not many games used it properly to it's fullest extent either.

As for the twisting maybe a bit, But that then goes back to many people not giving the gamepad the proper chance it deserved either. It was more or less a Tablet made into a controller from my viewing on it.

It is great to have unrealistic pipedreams at times man. Sure 1 TB is likely but not holding my breath and I should have made that clear too.

As for the math for a TB yes I know that which is why I decided to try and double upon that. because you have to think about how big NX's games might be if the Wii U's is at 5 GB then there is the space needed for updates to the system that any system be it the 3DS or Wii U both use some of that space too. remember what the Wii U Deluxe started out with and what was left after updates to the system.

I overall just hope that the NX is a lot better then the Wii U tho.

Whoa! With all those Android rumors floating around I was suspecting ARM processors but this is a pleasant surprise! Hope it matches at least Xbox One graphic fidelity.

1gig of ram
1gig of video ram
or no 3rd party ports

Thu Jul 16 15 10:28pm
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Don't want to sound cynical, but they could deck it out with everything third parties would need, and would only receive minimal to nearly no support. Especially from the bigger companies.

They'll sooner demand that Nintendo pay for porting their games, before getting anything more than what the Wii-U had during it's first year.

I have to agree Frog on this even tho I want more then 1 TB of Space on the NX's Memory/Space to account for not needing a 1 or more TB HDD or if supported SSD.

That'd be pretty funny.

"As you all know we don't like making hardware that challenges our competitors. And now, we don't even want to compete against ourselves. Presenting the NX, with lesser hardware than the Wii U!"

(no idea on the video RAM for Wii U but it does have 2GBs or memory RAM.

I've seen this (32 MB embedded eDRAM) tossed around, but it's hard to tell as the GPU is heavily custom... so only an official source could tell with certainty.

Thu Jul 16 15 09:12pm
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yeah so afaik amd ati art x is always behind the home systems graphic part.... so yeah I guess it's indeed nx will be a home system .... so yeah
as for retrocompatibility I'm "happy" they'll keep the wii in rotation, also because they (who exactly we don't know) had to do some "specialized silicon" in order to convert the instruction from the deadend part of the gpu, the thing most people thought that it would never happen..... so my understanding from this, is that they could at one point enable gc compatibility.
If by some miracle, we get a solid account system that would allow if the devices are stolen or broken a recovery of the digital library; well that's something.

It's my understanding that amd is pretty much the only game in town for non mobile graphic parts. Nvidia come on, could you not have made an effort just to give yourself more power for the next ps and xbox ....

oh yeah I forgot about android, I always think why don't they add one arm just to handle the os. You know download, web browsing, video player... well they do have some clever way to handle downloads with a very low power consumption. Then again I do ask myself those same questions for my setup.

It's my understanding that amd is pretty much the only game in town for non mobile graphic parts. Nvidia come on, could you not have made an effort just to give yourself more power for the next ps and xbox

I'm not sure what you mean by the second sentence, but as for the first sentence: at least in the last few years, Nvidia has been ripping AMD to shreds in the PC graphics card arena, at least.

What are you talking about? Nvidia has always been ahead of AMD. AMD is just the cheaper choice, that's why console manufacturers prefer AMD over nvidia.

I have a hunch that Nintendo's next console wont be backwards compatible, unless it is emulated

If they have an eshop they will let it be compatible. But even if they don't how would the prices on the VC Games be on the NX if they had Emulation which is what the VC Games since the Wii Shop Channel have had by the way.

The consistency of that article though
"Nintendo has already made the leap from IBM’s PowerPC to x86-based (AMD and Intel) architecture. That means that games written for Nintendo’s current Wii U console are x86 compatible. It would make sense for Nintendo to continue its relationship with AMD and continue to use x86 architecture in its next-generation design, which Nintendo announced would be called the NX."

Then further down
"But with the 2012-era Nintendo Wii U, IBM provides a PowerPC processor and AMD provides the graphics chip. With Nintendo, AMD would have to come up with an APU that handled both the CPU and GPU functions and be able to handle the PowerPC processing as well (in order to run older Nintendo games)"


At least he's clear he has no idea what he's talking about with the first two sentences in that first paragraph.

I'm hoping it's not retro compatible since it means it will still allow for Wiimotes and the Gamepad or the controller will be like one of those. I would much rather if they just remade each Wii and Wii U games they could without gimmicks. it would be amazing to revisit them in a more amusing form.

Thu Jul 16 15 11:33pm
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I've been waiting for the day Nintendo team up with Nvdia; all that raw power of the Tegra chip.. Welp, I guess it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon then.

I can't say I expect Nintendo to let us transfer our Wii VC games to NX. Would be nice, but I won't be surprised.

They allowed you to bring DSiWare to 3DS and Wii VC/WiiWare to Wii U, why wouldn't you expect to be able to bring them over in some way? Especially since they are now tied to to your NNID through the eShop (that's how it knows to give you a discount if you want to upgrade your Wii VC games to Wii U versions.)

I just don't see NX being double backwards compatible. Do you think it will have a Wii mode? Only way I see them doing it is if they upgraded all of your Wii VC titles to Wii U VC and then transfered. Of course I don't see them doing this for free, and this would mean we would lose all games that don't have a Wii U counterpart yet. I think they'll just say to keep your Wii U if you want to keep your Wii VC games.

Sorry for the extremely late reply. You bring up some good points. If I remember correctly, that's why I originally qualified the statement with "in some way" because I know it likely won't be the smoothest process. You are right, though, it is definitely more likely that you will only be able to bring over your "upgraded" Wii U versions, but perhaps your Wii VC "license" will still stay on your NNID so you can purchase an upgraded NX version if you choose.

I'm only interested in form factors. That'll have to wait till official reveal

Is this for a CPU or GPU?


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