Itagaki blames poor critical reception to Devil's Third on player skill

[ about previews ]Guys,At last, I was be able to understand about the reactions.Devil's Third is the game which reflects the player's skill directly/vividly.This is truth.

Posted by Tomonobu Itagaki on Saturday, July 18, 2015

I mean, skill of the critic certainly has something to do with reviews, but I don't think that's the case this time. Complaints about framerate really don't have anything to do with skill! Thanks to Gamblor for the heads up!

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Not a good excuse, but I do feel bad for him. The game was in development hell for years, now that it's finished, everyone's reactions to it are horrible.

Agreed. While he is lashing out, it's really quite minimally all things considered, and it is certainly understandable. For all of Itagaki's personality, Valhalla just may not have the money to hire enough talent or to spend enough time on development, and devs who produce poor work because of constraints are keenly aware of that even before they hear the public reaction they know is coming.

If I play better, the graphics will get better? :P

Joking aside, I think Kamiya could have used this argument on all the negative responses to TW101.

I'm so eager to play this game. It caught my eye when it was announced, but now, with all this buzz around it, I just want to experience it myself.

Side thought: We all know this game is going to sell like crap. Makes me wonder why when a game on a different platform gets all sorts of negative hype around it, it still sells well, but never in Nintendo's case.

Sat Jul 18 15 09:49pm
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Won't be too long now before he starts blaming Nintendo fans directly for why the game is in this state and/or when it inevitably sells awful.

Let's be real. This could've been the best game this gen and it would've sold awful.

This game was always doomed. Doesn't matter how good, what it looks like, whatever. Bitter Sony/MS fans weren't going to buy a Wii U for it, Nintendo was never going to promote it, and crazy loyalists were never going to buy a game that wasn't 100% Nintendo.

I don't think that is right. It depends on what you mean by selling awful. Bayonetta 2 was an awesome game that people didn't think would sell well but according to vgchartz it has sold 730,000 copies and I don't believe that includes digital sales. All things considered, like the size of the Wii U install base, and that people didn't think it fit the Wii U demographic, I think that is a good number. If this were the best game this gen it would have sold pretty well.

It's still less than a million. It sold worse than Four Swords Adventures, which is the worst selling Zelda.

It did well for what it had against it, but it's not what most companies would consider a success. Especially compared to Bayonetta 1.

Let's put it this way, Devil's Third was never going to sell more than Bayonetta 2.

I feel like I'm watching a ship slowly sink and there's nothing I can do about it. It's kinda sad. From the videos I've seen, the game looks like cheesy fun, but previews seem to state otherwise. We'll see how it fairs when official reviews come in, but right now things aren't looking too pretty. Sad

Cheesy Japanesey fun is usually good.

This one did give me a small NMH and MW vibe, so I think I might just have to get it for that alone, but I was keen on this game anyway. I am skeptic, but not enough just yet.

It's sometimes true (like with Wonderful 101) that people, who criticize the game don't understand it, but this isn't the case. The problem isn't the difficulty, it just looks SO BAD. Games don't get worse if you play them worse

Oh, oh my. No. No thank you. Let's not start this, shall we?

This message looks so much like someone in deep denial. Also, if previewers aren't skilled enough to play your game, how many consumers are you expecting to be able to play it and enjoy it?

In fairness, this happens.

And p/reviewers ARE terrible most of the time. Being good isn't a pre-requisite to be a reviewer of a game.

I agree. When they initially showed the game off during E3 2014 (at IGN I think?), the guy playing the game looked like he never touched a controller in his life.

With that being said though, the game just looks boring and dull. Maybe it's only the single-player and the multiplayer is complete gold?

What a clown. He bashes other developers' games but his over bloated ego can't take it when a little criticism is thrown his way. Maybe when his game tanks he'll learn a little humility.... but I doubt it.

Ugh, this guy almost literally sickens me. He's like a giant toddler who had the good fortune to work with some great people and eventually take over for them when they moved on, thus leading to success he wasn't really meant for.

Uh oh, this was the same thing the developers of AMY said when they couldn't accept they made a bad game.

ok dude you got your 15 minutes of fame (more like, there are no wiiu games and we are dealing with your crap) easy solution? GIVE US A BLOODY DEMO!


So, Nintendo was right to drop this, even though they were trashed for this decision.
Now they'll just be trashed all the harder for bringing it out.
If they could perhaps release this game for cheap (say, half-price), and spend some time with Itagaki on a rewrite/remaster for Wii U or the 9th Gen Nintendo console which they can release at full price (or just the "other-half" price for people who bought this version), it might work to repair the PR damage.

Satisfy the people who want the game early, satisfy the people who want the game to be better, and not look like greedy cash-ins while doing so.

Man, I've gone from wanting to get this game dispite some middling scores, to wanting to ditch it because this guy is simply too up himself to deserve support. I'd just be feeding his unwarranted ego.

Any framerate below 60 is subpar, even if I can deal with 30 for some games. It seems like the case of someone making a game of a scope that they can't quite handle.

Why don't developers understand that people respect devs who hold their hands up and accept criticism when it's due? See: Randy Pitchford regarding literally everything about Aliens: Colonial Marines. Don't make excuses. Acknowledge the issues and explain the reasoning for them being there. And if you really are just happy with your game, understand that the majority may not appreciate it in the same way and take it on the chin.

Regardless, I'm still looking forward to trying it out at some point. It looks like a fun time in spite of the rough edges.

As a reviewer myself for many games I'm downright angry at this statement. Reviewers don't just rush in and spend a minute or two on a game, they play until they can't take it anymore or until they know the basics of the game, and can observe the problems. When they know the problems, then they can write a review with honest feedback. Even if the endgame is the best part of any game in history it won't matter if the beginning is slow and boring, as it would turn off potential players from enjoying the whole game. Sure, some reviewers are better than others when it comes to skill, but the general point of a video game is to be appealing to everyone and to hold the player's interest for a long time.

It's also super depressing how one of his defenders on his Facebook actually went as far as to compare reviews for God Hand to Imagine Babyz to show how "reviewers are bad at their jobs because shovelware got a higher score than a good game". This isn't right, and I have a bad feeling this won't just be a mediocre game, it's looking like a really poor product from the single player right now and the Dev's behavior.

As a former reviewer, I'm not really thrilled either. There's bad reviewers out there, absolutely (I've literally seen a review plagiarize a press release), and I'd really like more reviewers to play more of their games...but I'm not jumping up and down at the wholesale throwing the establishment under the bus Sad

so its going to bomb...

will buy it for 10 euros 3-4 months after launch. WiiU games are scarce yes but there are BOUND to be gamers who would like to get rid of it.

placed my bet sir Itagaki! Now let us see you try to sell this!

Well video games are the one art form where your skill level can hamper your enjoyment. But in this case, I don't believe it is the fault of the people playing the game, it is just a bad game.


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