RUMOR - Dragon Quest XI coming to 3DS, PS4

Here's a juicy rumor for you guys and gals. We're all hoping that Dragon Quest XI is going to come to a Nintendo platform, but it wasn't looking too likely. We heard that Square-Enix was bringing the next entry to consoles. Wii U didn't seem plausible, but we've also heard in the past that Square-Enix brings their games to the most popular platforms in Japan. There's no denying 3DS is the most popular platform out right now, and a 2ch rumor tied to the earlier leaked logo is saying that the title will get both 3DS and PS4 versions. Ni no Kuni saw DS and PS3 releases, so such unique platform support isn't out of the question. Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!


I wouldn't doubt this game to be released on Nintendo's yet to be properly announced platform as well.

As much as I would like it on 3DS,I would rather it be on NX,I want to see what a Nintendo made X86 custom AMD chip would look like.

Wouldn't be surprising; DQ IX was on the DS which of course let it sell gang busters. Not putting DQXI on the 3DS would be utterly stupid of SE

PS4 isn't the top console in Japan... Not even close.

Out of the current systems? Yes, it is.

Wii U is still above it almost double in Japan.

Really? Wow, my mistake. I assumed PS4 was doing better in Japan.

I'm not so confident. Seems like SE is doing a bunch of stuff for PS4 (Dragon Quest Heroes & Builders). Seems like they'd go with that. Sad

you forgot the bit where they said it was going to be on a home systems, and by (practically) all metrics available in fact the wii u does better-ish than the ps4 so that old "put on the best selling"" is just pure bs, and it probably always was. And in fact if it were on the 3ds it could also be on the wii u, let's not forget that streaming weird stuff they had also. Remember also the weird re revelations 2 now exclusively handheld on the vita (and you can bet : bonus free re rev 1) .
So I think it's going to be built for the ps4, but also a close (downport) version on ps3 and vita, crossbuy they'll even take the hit. Just to really stick it to nintendo. In japan, dqX would not have done better anywhere else.
Bigger installed base, more games over 200k, 400k, 1million, more active base, more japanese made game oriented, software sold each week. Best selling ps4 game is at 150k. 2nd best seller on ps3 was at 600k. In japan, those are the key words.
Anyway in a few hours I suppose massive but predictable disappointment. I guess there are really no way to get support for nintendo. They really have to gobble up all remaining studios, so really no way.

Not just 3DS but coming to NX too! Confirmed at the end of the conference.

so just half a f... you to nintendo, I'll go three quarter of one. dqx has to count in that. why even bother at this point, once they'll make sure to convince enthusiast to go for the ps4 package while probably not be in 3d on the -3D-s , and yeah let's go with new 3ds only while they are it. Oh I forgot, turn based ideal for wifi streaming so another cut taken by the vita.
highest selling platform, biggest users base , oh what a laugh. I was arguing for an also on wii u, let's not even compare the 3ds to the ps4, that is just an incredibly stupid move. Even with practically nothing but third parties software on that platform, they still don't come close in numbers of like the tenth of what the 3ds is moving. On that sphere the 3ds is even a biggest monster than the ds ever was. As for the users base or even the "active user base" ffs they sell games at two millions, so those 2 are at least "active".
so to sum up, the wii u doesn't get the help of dq, the 3ds is the second option for dq11, dqx will probably be "free" to play on the ps4 (pay on top of the subscription? yeah just no), the vita does receive a killer app for the remote play /2nd screen, ps4 saved by enix and square. biggest online gaming in japan are still mk and splatoon, also mhunter. Nintendo doesn't get any Dq Mcraft, even clones of are available everywhere but. SO yeah it wasn't pretty before but now going through 2016 for the wii u is going to be pretty hard. 2017 is not even a dream now clearly.
Still, with what happened on the monster hunter side, sony did very well on securing that with whatever incentives they gave. Co marketing, exposure, online, or whatever else bs they have to come up to go around the regulations because contrary to wild spread beliefs, it's not that easy to transfer money from A to B, in general even but even in the corporate environment .
And at least they spend something and did not just promote a freaking kickstarter resulting in a fourth of what their usual aaa games cost, so there is that.
It might even be possible to resurrect their handheld division with a new shiny toy.
So in the end it's a 90% F U to nintendo. The best part being that can't really complain still get a part of the game.

I don't know exactly what this long rant is for. We're getting the game on 3DS, and NX. NX version will probably based off the PS4 version (which runs on Unreal engine 4, so it's probably for the best it'll come to NX instead of WiiU), and since the game will be released somewhere between mid-2016 and mid-2017, this might be pretty close to, or at the NX launch for all we know.

It's not even close to being a F U.

Tue Jul 28 15 05:46am
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ok so not even a port, a different "experience" so clearly built with the ps4 in mind and no 3d obviously (lack of that green light, the angle, the past 3ds dq). so yeah pretty sure new 3ds only, why not go full stupid with that. It might come to Nx now? certainly there's a few problem with that. At the very least, in any case, long after the game is released so does the nx allow for easy port .... from the 3ds?

Does it really matter if the PS4 was the first version they had if the 3DS version will be just as full-fledged? It won't be as impressive graphics-wise, and probably had no jumping and all, but it's a turn-based RPG, the most important things will carry over.

It's pretty obvious the 3DS is the lead version because it's far enough along to be playable while the PS4 version is currently a pretty tech demo with no NPCs in sight.

And it's not a question of "might" come to the NX, they literally ended the conference by saying DQX and XI ARE coming to the NX before dropping the mic and walking out the room.

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if the 3DS version would release first.

But did they say DQX was coming to NX as well? Didn't even know that. I mean, we're not getting it in the west anyway, but that's some pretty high-profile first reveals for NX. At least, I think it's the first two games known for the NX?


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