Square-Enix releases official statement on considering Dragon Quest X/XI for NX

Coming from Square Enix...

“Our press release contained the official statement that had been originally planned, and there is no reason to believe any changes were made mid-way to the content of the official announcement. The comment made during the event was not based on the official statement, so please allow us to correct our statement at this moment. We regret any confusion this may have caused.”

Square-Enix is considering both releases, but not officially confirming them. Sounds like they're trying to say the wording during the press conference was incorrect. I still think there's more going on here than Square-Enix wants us to believe, but take their statement at face value for now.


e3 2016 will be one of the most awaited e3 for Nintendo in years. This pleases my ________ nipples.

The problem with all of this is the fact that they had literally no reason to even bring up the NX. So it just seems like it's a litter further than "considering"

Of course, it could and probably will get canceled.

This was my exact thinking. There was literally no point in mentioning it otherwise. They are only "clarifying" it now because they done messed up and probably made Nintendo consider sicking one angry koopa king on them.

Of course they're both happening. Unless something goes awry they'll happen; it's absurd to believe that they just said they're considering NX versions as though after the conference they all went back to the office to contemplate it further. There was no reason whatsoever to mention it if they aren't already seriously planning them.

some cosmic sense business here, I don't even begin to understand what is at play right now lol

This is what, the second clarIfication of something said at a reveal event? The subtlety is defeated at this point.

They should stop "clarifying" and just admit that it's happening. I do wonder when exactly Nintendo plans on having that NX blowout though.

I could see them showing the console off in Feb/March and getting it out of the way and saving EVERYTHING else for E3. Games, features, etc will all be announced then.

Can't wait for the NX Console and NX Handheld to be shown off next year [the later releasing in Late 2016].

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