Club Nintendo EU/AU - Mario themed coasters added

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Yay, another Mario item...

These are really neat! However, it sucks that Nintendo hasn't rolled out a new rewards program here just yet.

I really, really hope that the new Reward Program thing will include physical objects, and that it will be available in Sweden (where Clud Nintendo was not). It would suck so much for me as a collector to keep missing all these things.

Hmmm, I would have bought all 4 in one set for 2500, but 2 of the same seems to much.

same here, at least they could have mix and match . I think we are all holding for the big item. I do hope the next system will have those objects, it's silly but I like them.

Did Club Nintendo not get discontinued in Europe? I keep seeing all these cool new items. We got like 2 new items after they announced the discontinuation. Europe is still getting items well after the cutoff date. Not only that but they are still much better items than we have got in years. We had the same 5 or 6 crappy items for like 3 years with nothing new.

Stuff like this, many games not getting localized (even when English translations are already available), the whole Amiibo situation (not only the extreme rarity, but the store exclusivity) that nowhere else seems to suffer nearly as much from and of course us being the only place in the whole world who didn't get the awesome regular size New 3DS really makes me question whats going on at NoA lately. From what I have heard Nintendo has never really been huge on the level it has been here in Europe. I can't understand how we keep geeting the shaft on all this stuff. I always liked Reggie, but I'm really starting to question if he's the right person for the job (well, honestly I've been questioning it for years now. I actually think we would be better off with Nintendo of Japan running the business over here as well.

Europe's Club Nintendo concludes at the end of September! According to one of the recent investor Q&A's, it seems like the earliest we could hear about the new loyalty program/membership service is October.


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