Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is digital only in North America

This comes from Nintendo's PR mail...

''Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, co-developed by Koei Tecmo Games, launches exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U on Oct. 22 for $49.99, just in time for Halloween. Players can download this free-to-start game and play the prologue, chapter 1 and most of chapter 2 for free. The full version of the game can be purchased as DLC directly from the Nintendo eShop or via the in-game menu.''

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It can be, but in my case, it won't be. Ever.

Then how do you plan to get a physical U.S. copy?

Either I petition NoA, I pray really hard, I travel between dimensions, or I don't. :} Same as with all other BS full game NoA eshop-only non-releases.

Or if people actually bought them, they give us physical copies later in a long run.

Only if they can read my mind. In which case, sausage and olives, please!

It's usually the Capcom gambit, where they say "We're releasing Popular Game Series Entry digitally only. If you don't rent it off eShop, we know what that means."

Even if it's the XSEED gambit, where they claim "Retailers don't think it'll sell so instead of doing digital + retail, we're going to simply rent digital, even though this kind of game has been done before so we're not sure what we're trying to prove to whom," we still don't end up with physical copies of that game anyway.

If you e-mail them and say "Hi, not renting off eShop," they won't care and will forget about it.

This really makes me feel bitter, knowing Europe not only gets a physical copy, but a special edition.

This game is officially off my radar. I'm not playing into this download-only, free to play future.

This really isn't Free to Play at all, though. It's essentially a demo of the first level. I have no problem with that, though I absolutely hate that it's download only. Glad we're getting it at all I guess, though... I'm really not happy with NoA as of late...

It's not really free to play, though. It's just a demo that saves your progress.

Also, whether we like it or not, everything's going digital. You're not going to escape it without giving up games.

Hum, I'm pretty sure that the only physical release Europe get is the Limited Edition, so a pretty limited release with an higher cost than a standard game.

I'll take digital only if the price is right. $50 is a bit steep.

Let Europe get the glory for now, I'm happy that we are getting this game finally. I don't care if it's eShop only or not, I'm getting it.

Mon Aug 24 15 09:49am
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what a disappointment as always NoA, no sale from me

Is NOA oficially the worst Nintendo already?

That would go to Nintendo of Korea. They don't even have the Wii U in that area yet.

Yet even they got the regular size New 3DS.

This is not a title that Nintendo of America could make a profit selling in a physical form.

This is not a high demand title. Vgchartz lists the combined worldwide sales of all seven Fatal Frame games over all systems at 660k. I know that there are major issues with the source but that type of number shows an apparent lack of demand for the series in the general marketplace.

NoE is trying to entice people/make money by selling a special edition with lots of trinkets which cost next to nothing but will add tens of euros to the price of the game (higher price means higher profit).

Meanwhile, North America has a very high rate of connected consoles, it can go the eShop-only route. This avoids having to deal with less-than-enthusiastic retailers who might not make much shelf space for the game (especially given the games that go on between the console makers and the major retailers -- by both parties). Plus, this serves as a trial-run to see if a download-only console is viable.

So while I too would prefer to have the game in a physical form, I understand from a business standpoint what is being done here -- both for the present and the future.

mike_intellivison said:
Plus, this serves as a trial-run to see if a download-only console is viable.


A download-only console will flop hard in Asia and Europe. NA is apparently the biggest market in the world, but is that worth losing the rest of the world?

So why is Devil's Third retail?

Yeah really, what exactly does make Devil's Third any more worthy of a retail release than this game?

Of this is a title they could profit by selling a physical copy... Europe is doing it, and games ALWAYS sell more here than in Europe. If Europe is doing it, it's because it is possible.

Nintendo of America is just being a bitch as always.

They said Last Story and Pandora's Tower wouldn't be profitable... Then Xseed release them, a VERY SMALL TINY company, and made a lot of money out of them to be point of the games being sould out very quickly.

Ah yes, everyone likes to play analyst....right up until something like THIS happens and their true colors are revealed. I'm getting it because I have better things to do than complain that I don't get a box.

aiddon said:
I'm getting it because I have better things to do than complain that I don't get a box.

You also lose the disc, portability, peace of mind, resale, potentially a nice, colorful manual with neat pictures, not having to manage HDD space, not having to buy/maintain an external drive, not having to use another outlet, etc. while simultaneously saying it's okay not to own anything and renting things for full price is fine and dandy.

So, in future, when we have no physical things and everyone has to beg companies to transfer purchases from one system to another, we know when the justification started.

Box has nothing to do with it.

If you don't like it, you can't sell it.
If NX doesn't allow playing Wii U games/transferring it's locked to the Wii U.

The game is locked to a Wii U where it will sit forever. $50 for an intangible object that sits in a box AND you get part of it for free. It's NOT a long game.

I don't think you're supposed to agree with me in public.

If you don't tell anyone, I won't tell anyone.

Mon Aug 24 15 04:20pm
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How about this then:

I don't have 16GB free on my Premium 32GB Wii U. That's half of the size of the space available, ignoring the space set aside for the system stuff itself and the fact games like SSB get huge updates and then all the save files. Add to that a few eShop games, DLC and freebies from Club Nintendo and bam. Space taken up.

So I have to buy an external harddrive for ONE game.

So not only does it cost $50 for licensed data locked to the system (and not a game disc), but I have to buy a decent harddrive now too. Just to play this ONE game. So it could cost up to $100, just to play Fatal Frame, and you're not even getting the bells & whistles that Europe gets with the Limited Edition. At BEST, going a USB route, it could only cost around $70-80 or something, but that's still outrageous, just to play a digital game.

So yeah, I have better things to complain about than not getting a box too. I have to spend extra money to get extra space to play ONE GAME when I shouldn't have to. Don't start with that shit like everyone mad about this is mad over something as petty as "I don't have a box".

Mon Aug 24 15 10:56am
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Actually you guys, EU is getting this digital primarily too, but they are getting a Limited Edition physical release. What you are all forgetting is NOA said they are doing a limited edition too
edit: Least I think they said it, can't seem to find the post

From what I heard this is a fantastic series, and I think people should be glad it's coming at all. Who knows if we'll get the next installment if this one doesn't do well.

And I love that it's free to start. I'm not sure if this game is for me, but I'm more than willing to give it a try.

What an absolute load of crap, I wouldn't be buying it if this was happening here.

As it is I'm getting antsy about getting it here in Australia, as Nintendo UK refuses to ship items here and no other retailers are showing signs of stocking the limited edition anywhere.

Well, for those that wanted it, you'll actually be getting it in some form [and hit and miss as they are, the Free to Play format might add some more sales].

Good to see both NoA and NoE using some common sense and launching this just before Halloween too.

What infuriates me is that Devil's Third gets a retail release while this doesn't.

The game everyone TRASHED that Nintendo may have dropped for a bit, gets a real release. The game fans have been begging for since Nintendo 'bought' Fatal Frame, that they actually had at E3, and actually has a fanbase (small as it may be), is not good enough for a retail release.

I'll still get it, but $50 is steep for a game locked to a system that you get part of for free anyway.

Mon Aug 24 15 01:22pm
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This is just like mobile. And Nintendo is taking the critics' advise to go mobile.

What Sony and Microsoft does Nintendo't.

People are never satisfied. Just be happy that the game is coming out at all. NOA could have just said 'nope, not a big enough fanbase!' and just NOT bring it out. Learn to pick your battles.

Mon Aug 24 15 04:25pm
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I have to buy an external harddrive just to play this game. For one game, I have to spend about the price of another game. Okay, I'm happy that it may cost me $80-100 or so to play Fatal Frame.

16GB is enormous.

I'm happy it is coming at all, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy that they are screwing people over that don't buy digital games. Most of my space is taken up by updates, DLC and just system garbage. A few free things I got via Club Nintendo and now I need to buy a harddrive for a SINGLE game because it's too big.

I have every right to be pissed off.

Mon Aug 24 15 03:22pm
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Fatal Frame V was the one horror title I was really looking forward to for a long time. Seeing that the North American version is digital download only just breaks my heart. I guess I'll be importing my physical to set beside all my other Fatal Frame games. /:C\

Nintendo of Europe has been treating their audience greatly. Their special edition packaging for the game is everything us horror/Fatal Frame fans could ever want. Nintendo of America may be listening to us, but it doesn't seem they want to put the money and effort to serving us properly. They have the power to do so, but just not trying hard enough. Years from now, when you look at the Wii U to find any survival horror games, you'll just see ZombiU which was a great underrated title, and Fatal Frame - which sadly was only available digitally for this region. That's pretty much it for these type of games. I feel they don't push the horror genre enough on the platform. If you want a system seller, then treat all your major titles like one. This is distasteful for fans of the series and fans of the genre.
Is the Wii U a game system for Mii or for U? Think about that.

I have never, ever minded titles being digital-only. I'm glad that they have a way to release niche titles here, and digital-only is way, way preferable to a limited or retailer-exclusive release like they did with Xenoblade Chronicles. Though I seem to be way less sentimental about physical games than the majority of Nintendo fans. Might have something to do with my increased Steam usage.

Mon Aug 24 15 04:28pm
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It goes beyond sentimentality.

The game is 16GB to download. That's half the size of a Premium Wii U. So Basic Wii U owners can't even download it and only people who avoided digital completely will have enough space to download this.

Most people who only went digital for eShop-only games will have to buy a harddrive now, for a single game.

Box and disc be damned, I have to spend like $50 extra (or, at best, $20-30 for a USB) on top of the $50 for a digital "license" to play Fatal Frame.

I see what you're talking about. I feel like if Nintendo's going to shift its focus to digital downloads for future consoles, they're going to need to have much better built-in hard drives.

Mon Aug 24 15 04:32pm
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I don't think enough "oh boohoo, no box" and "BE HAPPY WE GET IT AT ALL" posters understand it goes beyond that.

It's 16GB. This immediately alienates people that don't have an external harddrive and didn't need one. Only people who went all digital or download NOTHING (on a Premium Wii U) will have space for it.

So it's going to cost far more than $50, for a DIGITAL copy of this. Heck, even if you went the route of using a bigger USB it'd cost like $20-30 more than it would for just a regular physical disc.

THAT is why I want a physical copy. I have space, but not 16GB, and I don't want to delete all my stuff for ONE game. It's idiotic.

Mon Aug 24 15 09:33pm
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I don't get why they expect Americans to be interested in this series if NOA won't even bother to push it like they do their other games. Somehow it's our fault that they aren't reaching us?

Do we have to start buying imported consoles from NoE to play the Nintendo games we want to play? This is sad.

Also not interested in having to go out and buy an external HD to play games. The space available on the Wii U is insulting, and mine is already taken up by retro games (I'd buy more of those if I could too).

Oh, god damn it NoA. I guess I should be happy we even get it at all, but I am so not happy about it being digital only it kills any excitement I have. I just don't understand how they have turned into complete garbage the last several years. I have never really cared much about region locking, but now I do because our branch of Nintendo is horrible. My hard drive is filled to the brim, I can't even get updates anymore without erasing stuff. Not to mention I hate buying anything digital. They could at least do a limited run physical copy, I'm sure (even though I oppose this kind of thing) GameStop would love to have it exclusively or something. It could only be good for the WiiU just to have this game on the shelves for people to see.

What upsets me most is that people not buying it because of the digital only thing is that Nintendo's going to take it the wrong way.

Instead of seeing your stand against digital as "we don't want digital!", they will see it as "we don't want Fatal Frame!".

It's bad enough Fatal Frame sells poorly as it is. The series has ALWAYS sold poorly, but every time NOA brings it, it's not how we want it. First it was Spirit Camera, now it's this digital monster. So Fatal Frame's NA fate is constantly decided by unfair situations.


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