StarFox Zero delayed into 2016 to allow for more development time

A Message from Mr. Miyamoto Regarding Star Fox ZeroI made a big decision last week.We have been developing Star Fox...

Posted by Nintendo Console Gaming on Thursday, September 17, 2015


Not too surprised. Still, disappointing.

Though I'm kinda glad, too! It looks fun but not the big, hype-inducing game we've waited a decade for. Hopefully Kamiya can get his hands on it now too.

There won't be any major improvements with a couple more months of work.

Star Fox has never been that interesting for me, yet oddly Kid CIarus Uprising is my favorite 3ds game without question. The positive news about this is a delay means it will be less likely to end up like the typical 3d sonic game, and will be an amazing final product. Smile

Anyone reminded of DKC Tropical Freeze?

Yup. We all know that game was only delayed to fill in what would've been an empty early 2014...Why do I have the feeling they're doing the same for Star Fox Zero...I doubt it's gonna look much different than what we have seen or it will but only slightly. So far we only know of 2 Wii U games for 2016. Pokken and Zelda...and with the NX on the horizion this only tells me further that next year will be the Wii U's final year.

Not to mention I'm sure Nintendo is viewing it as a win-win situation as if they delay Star Fox not only will it fill in a slot from another droughted 2016 line-up but they don't have to worry about it competing this holiday and being buried in sales. Not only does it have competition with Microsoft and Sony but other Nintendo titles releasing in the next 5 months...Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Xenoblade Chronicles X, AC: Amiibo Festival, Zelda:Triforce Heroes, Yoshi's Wooly World, Chibi-Robo Zip Lash, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, AC: Happy Home Designer.

I just hope the Falco amiibo isn't being delayed as well...

DKC was delayed so that Nintendo had at least one game in Q1 2014. At least they had Super Mario 3D World as their holiday game.

Japan has nothing, but we have a bunch of stuff like Xenoblade, Fatal Frame, Yoshi, etc.

I'm reminded of Twilight Princess. Star Fox for NX confirmed!

*Insert that one Miyamoto quote here*
Well, that's both disappointing and exciting. While I believe the game is going to end up pretty good considering this, and perhaps the people who whined about the graphics might finally get what they're looking for, the thing is that this leaves the Wii U without no "big" game for the holidays, unless NCL are planning to give a major advertising push to Xenoblade X (Which I'd hope so) or Amiibo Festival.

YES!!! THIS IS SO PERFECT!!! Now they have time to actually develop the game properly! I obviously don't expect too much of a graphical change, and I'm fine with that, but I expect them to work really hard on more modes and stuff to increase the replay value of the game.

I guess that's good. From what they've shown the game looks pretty bad.

ehem... you mean pretty rad.

Fri Sep 18 15 12:30am
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On one hand, hopefully the extended development time will lead to a game that silences all the (IMO) unwarranted hate it's been receiving thus far.

On the other hand, this is, like, the fourth game I've been looking forward to being delayed until 2016. At this rate none of the games I wanna play this year will be out...this year.

The big (but not so big) and only big E3 title pushed beyond the holiday period. Very interesting. I was ready for it. Glad my readiness will take on some some additional polish, too come launch

"Only big E3 title"
Super Mario Maker.

E3 is a time for reveals. We had already seen everything of Super Mario Maker beforehand.

Nintendo no longer views E3 like Sony and Microsoft do. Nintendo Directs are the time for reveals nowadays.

What does Nintendo have releasing during the holiday season? Specifically, around black friday?

Fri Sep 18 15 12:46am
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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Amiibo Festival (most likely) aaaaand that's it.
Maybe they'll push out more bundles and/or do a price drop, but that's unlikely.
*forgot about Mario Tennis : P

For a company that places so much belief in having a strong holiday season, they really aren't committing this year.

Dunno, the 3DS seems to be the one with the stronger lineup this holiday; that, the New 3DS bundles, amiibos, and their first mobile games are enough for a decent holiday performance and hopefully at least some profits.

What I'm bracing for are the inevitable "Doomed forever" articles that seem to run from November-May every god damned year.

I was underwhelmed by what I saw from Star Fox at E3. I hope it comes back with a bang next year!

I'm not entirely heartbroken over this. My wallet will need a reprieve over the Xmas period. :p

I suppose he acknowledge that it still will come before Zelda, and the Wii U needs some games in 2016. I think Xenoblade will be their fall game and probably will market it correctly.

"And the game will not be delayed for a very long time"

Welp, that rules out significant improvements of the levels we have already seen.

Most unfortunate.

He says first quarter, maybe even April? I don't know, I mean Smash for 3DS was supposed to be a summer release. *shrugs*

Still, the comment lends to believe they'll either add more stuff or improve the visuals considering he's saying it's essentially finished.

Either way, it needs to spark interest, be it a sick boss battle, or a denser space battle, but it has it difficult. Is it too much to believe it maybe could be a May game, considering there isn't another title that could be on Splatoon or Mario Kart level? [I mean it's obvious Zelda will be a Fall game].

"Still, the comment lends to believe they'll either add more stuff or improve the visuals considering he's saying it's essentially finished."

The thing is, I really do not think they can.

If they do either of those things, the 120 fps that they have decided is 100% necessary for the game will take a hit.


I take his comment to mean 'Yeah, we're just slightly delaying this so that our pathetic release calendar is not *completely* empty. We're not actually going to do anything substantial with it in the interim.'


"Is it too much to believe it maybe could be a May game"

Well, we can always hope that Miyamoto is lying here. That seems like kind of a desperate position for us to be in, tho.

"wtf does "perfecting the tone of the cut scenes" even mean"

The ideal level of hamminess!?

"Well, we can always hope that Miyamoto is lying here. That seems like kind of a desperate position for us to be in, tho."

Well, that depends on wether or not one think the game is able to be saved. Tons of flags make it a hard sale, but still, it makes me wonder how it'll turn out in the end. Since it's Nintendo, and they rarely put something mediocre out.


Hey, it's the end of Katina. I love that level.

"Well, that depends on wether or not one think the game is able to be saved."

At this point, I am not sure the stages we have seen so far can be saved with only a couple of months of work.

The best I think we can hope for is that the levels we have not seen are way way better and that all the meh in the game was just front-loaded or something.

"Since it's Nintendo, and they rarely put something mediocre out."

*instinctively looks at every Star Fox game released after 64*

*instinctively looks at every Star Fox game released after 64*

I could also see it as how it's always the first story the one with the better games. If anything maybe the sequels is what doesn't work.

"I could also see it as how it's always the first story the one with the better games. If anything maybe the sequels is what doesn't work."

Chalk that up to coincidence. Adventure or Assault's singleplayer would not have been any less bleh if their stories had been rehashes of the Lylat Wars. Their gameplay still would have consisted mostly of thoroughly middling third-person combat sections.

Likewise, the idea of fighting Andross's Army again in Zero is not exactly canceling out how much I dread having to play through stuff like those Gyrowing segments. :-/

Awww, I'm disappointed, but hopefully it'll be for the game's benefit. So stoked for it!!

I don't mind... I'll have Xenoblade to keep me busy!! ;)

Is everyone here from Europe or something? At least in America, there's still Yoshi's Woolly World in October. I figure the marketing for Star Fox would go between that, Mario Maker & Xenoblade. I don't think the same audience would be interested in Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival though.

My question here is... I wonder if this delay will also delay the Falco Amiibo? I realize he's part of the Smash series, but IIRC, they had his release date set to coincide with the release of Star Fox Zero. Either way, I'm kinda strapped for cash this year, so... news is bittersweet, I guess. :P Still gonna Day 1 this game, though.

The wrath of Tatsumi Kimishima has struck already over at NCL. Tun tun tun!

Oh well, I wasn't really excited for Star Fox anyway since it looked so underwhelming. I'm planning to get a PS4 so I can focus all my attention on that.

The saving grace when it comes to delays and Nintendo is that they're almost always usually worth the wait. The game can only get better from the extra time in the oven, but I'm still disappointed because I'm ready for more Star Fox now.

Not that upset. Already have a few amiibo, Fatal Frame, external memory, Tri Force Heroes, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Happy Home Designer, Chibi Robo, etc to get and I still don'thave Super Mario Maker.

While it is good if this means a little prettier graphics and a little easier controls, it is a shame as this was suppose to be my main Wii-U title for Christmas. :c

Now what will I get?

I know, right? I'll find a new gift too. I'm already getting a new 3ds xl as my graduation gift.

I knew this was going to happen but few people I know didn't listen to me. My instincts is correct. Glad I listened. At least this game will have more time and it'll get better.

I am perfectly ok with this, the more tweaking the better.

Im so glad theres nothing to play on my WiiU, I can save that money for a ps4.


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