Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition is available to purchase once again online

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Still waiting for it to show up at any Canadian retailer...

Tue Sep 22 15 08:37pm
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You and me both...at this point if this does not happen, at least I'll be getting the game $11 cheaper from Amazon.

Already preordered on of these last week :D

Pre-ordered it in-store so I can take the day off work and just play this all weekend. It's going to be a good weekend.

My Gamestop made it available to pre-order with just $25 down. I went that route.

I wish I could justify the extra $30 for the Special Edition, but it's not for me. Maybe a steel case like Dark Souls or Metroid Prime Trilogy and just an additional $20 I would go for it. I was hoping for a Skell minifig when they first announced that a SE was being released. Steel case + Minifig + current extras and I would be all over this.

Either way, I hope everyone that gets the SE enjoys it.


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