Walmart Wii U/3DS sections being combined under one red-logo Nintendo banner (UPDATE)

UPDATE - We have some pics, thanks to reader Jonathan. Not quite the original red logo, but white on a red background. Also, does anyone recognize where that Link image is from?

I've actually heard about this from numerous sources lately. Wanted to get some confirmation before I shared with you all.

It seems that multiple Walmart locations are now combining their Wii U and 3DS sections into one Nintendo section. The thing is, that section is getting the classic red version of the Nintendo logo above them. Been awhile since we've seen the red logo used in promotional materials!

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Thu Sep 24 15 12:01pm
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That's nice. Another thing that Wal-Mart should do is sticking up the games! They are not doing their job no matter where I go.

I just saw a target shrink the space for WiiU/3DS to equal that given PS3/PS4 and X360/XB1. (It did this by jettisoning almost all Wii games).

Overall, the toys-to-games are taking space from other games -- and there just aren't as many games as there used to be since the mid-level games seem to have fallen out of the market.

amiibo/Skylanders/Infinity figures are all with accessories at Walmart, though. They are across from games.

Not even going to downplay this: I always loved the red banner the most.

Good but I would have liked it more if Nintendo did their own store setup around the world much like how Apple/others have. I hate having to go to a store to find little space to their products or sometimes hear a store employee down play Nintendo games in favor to sell the other systems. Anyway Nintendo needs a world store in many areas around the world not just N.Y a place I can't make it Sad

I was just looking at the old logos not four days ago as I was preparing myself for Nintendo's fall mobile plans and I was saying to myself, they need to bring back classic red. I hope they do as it stands out more and what not.

This has nothing to do with the stores it is changing at Target too! It is a Nintendo marketing decision getting ready to get out of their "Failed Branding" possibly moving into the nX!

Rebranding back to red Nintendo would be wonderful.

Yep, it's iconic and invokes Fun [not the sterile grey / silver they've sported for many years now]. They should definitely go back to it.

Yeah, Nintendo's been doing grey or whatever for a while now, haven't they?

I drove past a semi-far Walgreen's recently and I thought the store was closed and the sign was being/had been taken down but after three or four passes, I found that no, they've simply switched from a highly visible red logo to a grey one. Er...why?

(I couldn't see the cars in the lot because they have high shrubs around the store.)

Thu Sep 24 15 03:39pm
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I always thought that the gray logo is for advertising purposes since a grayscale/monochrome logo looks a lot better in print, Apple and PlayStation have both removed the color from their famous logos for that reason.
Although Nintendo putting again emphasis on the color red as part of their corporate identity is a welcome move!

Yeah, the gray worked really well for a time during the DS and Wii eras, it fit those consoles better.

But now with Amiibo, Nintendo bringing back toys and such into their lineup, there's a new splash of color with Nintendo again, and I feel like, yeah, red fits this era more.

I think people would associate the grey logo with the blue ocean strategy and also a potential QOL platform would look way better with the grey logo, but the red logo instantly brings back memories of the 100% arcade/video game era so that's nice too. They should use both honestly.

I definitely think that's a good idea; different colors of the logos representing different generations and brands. ^_^

Thu Sep 24 15 02:29pm
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The picture I saw on twitter was a red SIGN, not the red logo.

The logo is WHITE on a red background.

EDIT: I see RMC saw what I saw.

Also, no. That is seemingly new Link art.

I also don't recognize the Pikachu art.

So like Diddy Kong's hat, heh.

I also don't recognize Link's art, it looks CG, not something you usually see from official art in main series Zelda games.

I'd love to see Nintendo go back to its classic and iconic red logo.

Thu Sep 24 15 03:17pm
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Coincidentally, I'm hearing Faithless "We Come 1 (Armin van Buuren Remix)" being played on ASOT732 right as I'm reading about this.
Anyway, I'm glad they're bringing back the Nintendo logo and combining Wii U and 3DS under one shelf. Pretty soon it would be a smooth transition to whatever the NX would be. They're using red too, classic choice, even though they're current logo is either silver or white.
As for the Link image, I think it's just a default stock image made for product marketing, just as what they have for the Mario products. I don't think it means that the Link design would be the final look for the next Zelda game. But that Link does look like the one in the Hyrule Warriors games.

Is anyone going to mention that awesome new CG artwork of Link?!!

As far as I know, this is one of the first times they've made CG promotional art for Zelda. It's usually Mario, but they also did it for Metroid Prime. Zelda typically, if it's advertised in this way at all (which is rare), uses drawn artwork. So happy about this!

It just looks GREAT! I really want a Zelda game where Link looks more like that. He's got the shorter, slightly rounded ALttP/LA length hat, and appears to be a blend of TP and SS Link with greater detail, and possibly modeled with the first artwork revealed of TP Link in mind.

I like that he looks more elf-like and more intense without losing the sense of whimsy that Zelda has, and that his hair is wispier than usual. I might nitpick the look of the Master Sword's grip, though...

Also, Pika looks like a healthy merge of the old and new style Pikas. Shorter, less baggy arms with a more hamster-like body.. and thinner, pointier ears too!

Two thumbs way up to both designs.

I was just about to mention this myself, since it stood out the most from all the rest of this. Looks pretty good though, and i agree its about time they did this for zelda characters. I hope we can get a full image of it at some point too. Kinda wish he had that design for smash bros

It's happening at GameStop, too. I specifically noticed these exact banners when I was there a few days ago.

That Link image looks brand new to me. I wonder if we're going to get a legitimate update on Zelda U soon! :O It's been about 9 months now.

It all looks great. Hope to red is here to stay!

Thu Sep 24 15 08:22pm
(Updated 1 time)

Isn't that Pikachu image new, too?

That Link kind of looks like how he appears in Mario Kart 8 to me.

Anyway, I'm indifferent to logos, but this one looks nice.

The MK8 Link is closer to SS graphics. This is close, but resembles OoT.

Now that's interesting. Where is that Link from?
He looks awesome, he's a perfect blend between TP and SS.

I don't think he could be a preview of what Link will look like in his green tunic in Zelda U since the Link we saw in the trailer was quite different. But it would be nice if they started to use that Link as the new default promotional Link. And also Smash. God that Link in Smash 4 looks ugly.

Meanwhile in the UK, Asda (who are owned by Wal-Mart) have completely removed their Nintendo section. They don't sell Nintendo games at all now.

Then again the UK market has to be the worst EU game market in terms of tastes. No offense there but when I see UK charts I always tell myself 'ok so THIS is what UK likes to play?'.

It's probably not easy being a british nintendo fan. Kudos man.

No offence taken. The worst crap always sells best here. It does get a bit depressing. I guarantee that on Monday, the UK's Charts will have Fifa 16 on top by a mile.

This is even more surprising when some cultural products that come from the UK are so awesome and peculiar in a good way. Like for example, UK tv series are insanely good and seem to cultivate some kind of difference. I guess it doesn't apply to video game.

Then again I am pretty sure there are a lot of gamers in the UK who think video games are more than just a way to kill time and rage in front of your screen playing fifa. It's just not as visible in terms of the variety of things that sell. I realise my comment was a big, ugly generalization. -_-'

Kind of sound like the Nintendo section in Wal-Mart Mexico, where they still have a section dedicated to Nintendo, just not Nintendo products, they're filled with PS and Xbox consoles.


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