More costume data found hiding in Super Mario Maker, could point to future content

A few of those make a lot of sense, but the Tetris one is a bit of a stretch...and the Windows logo is just plain weird. I guess we'll have to sit back and wait to see if Nintendo actually adds this content in a future update.

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Microsoft buying Nintendo confirmed!

Nintendo buying Microsoft confirmed.

Maybe the Windows logo was a test costume while they were developing the game? Tetris MIGHT be possible, but Idk.

Add more DKC characters! Would love to see Cranky, Dixie, or K.Rool costumes. Also Wolf and Krystal would be nice as well. E.Gadd and Nabbit are cool costumes as well. I'd also like to see a DJ Octavio costume. But what I REALLY want is amiibo figures for all of those characters.

#Banjo&KazooieConfirmedForSmash #LifeCompleted #BanjoAlsoComingToVC

Was not disappointed with the comments here, haha! My mind first went to Banjo-Kazooie in Smash too, heh.

Err, I mean, Windows logo for Smash Bros.!!

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