North America - Splatoon's next Splatfest slated for Oct. 9th

The next Splatfest is almost upon us! This time we ask: how would you rather travel, by car or by plane?
On one hand, you can stop whenever you want in a car but you also spend more time getting to your destination. Air travel can be a bit more stressful but you get free snacks!
We’ll settle this once and for all when the next Splatfest starts on Friday, 10/9, at 9 PM.

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Absolutely zero effort put into most of these splatfest choices. Good grief Nintendo, this isn't being funny ironically. It's just dumb.

It should be something that everyone can relate to. Like this. (Not like North vs South Pole or the Transformers one).

I think most of them have been very good so far. Most people have a clear preference on a topic like this.

Please give an example of what you think is worthy of Splatfest.

Chocolate or Vanilla. Red vs. Blue. Koopa vs. Toad. Dreams vs. Nightmares. Squid vs. Kid.

They have these Nintendo IPS they could use.
Or just video games in general.

Mario vs Luigi
Mario vs Link
N64 vs Gamecube
Gameplay vs Graphics
Amiibo vs Your Sanity
Pokemon Gold VS Poke Silver
Hey Listen! vs Annoying Endless Talking Owl
N64 controller vs WiiU Gamepad
Revolution vs Dolphin

etc etc

Although I'm disappointed at the missed opportunity for a Halloween-themed Splatfest choice this month, I gotta say that this one sounds like fun.

Fri Oct 02 15 05:50pm
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There are usually two Splatfests in one month. There are usually one or two weeks in-between Splatfests. If my calculations are correct, the 2nd Splatfest in October will start on the 30th, right before Halloween. That would be the perfect time for a Halloween-themed Splatfest. At least in America. Although we in Europe are pretty familiar with Halloween, it isn't nearly as popular as it is in America. I think Europe might skip out on the Halloween-themed Splatfest. But, who knows.

Glad to see the US is finally getting a stupid Splatfest [after the 3-4 ones in a row for us in the UK, Europe and Oz].

Since I live on an island, I guess I'll go with plane.

I do like to drive though (if there is no traffic)

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