Super Mario-kun costume coming to Super Mario Maker

Super Mario-kun, a CoroCoro comic that has been running since 1991, is getting some special attention in Super Mario Maker soon. Not only will there be a costume based on the character, but its author  (Yukio Sawada) will also make a level in the game. This stage will be up on November 6, though it is unsure when the costume will be added to the game.

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This thing looks pretty scary.

Yes, but do the non-Japanese regions get the costume as well?

I don't see why not. After all, we got the Squid Girl costume for Splatoon.

That reminds me.... I need to get back into Splatoon.

Yea I don't see why not either, after all we have gotten the latest batch of characters too if I'm not mistaken.

What characters? There haven't been any additional characters released yet,

It was sarcasm. Add more words limit.

Yeah but...nobody has gotten them yet, Japan hasn't either. So how does being sarcasting here make any sense :S

These seemingly Japan-only costumes (as in, of the 3 DLC costumes announced, they're somewhat unknown/unpopular (for the lack of a better word) in the west outside of fans) better come to the west, I really want that Kacho Arino costume.

But we got the Mahjong costume.

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Nintendo should consider localizing Super Mario Kun, over 38 volumes of backlog can keep their fans happy and bring in new ones as well. If the want to keep people visiting their Nintendo accounts on their phone every day then they should add a free chapter every week and then bam, you cover regular traffic, new media expansion and advertising all in one go.


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