Japan - Splatoon 'Love or Money' Splatfest starts Oct. 31st

Japan is getting a rather serious Splatoon Splatfest on Oct. 31st. The question asks participants to choose which could save the world, love or money. It'll be really interesting to see how this one plays out!

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I'll pick money.

And with that money, I can buy love!

No no no, that's not love you're buying, that's hookers.

Buuut, they told me they loved me. :c Why would a hooker lie, just because I gave her Squid moneh?

Isn't there a song called, "Can't buy me love" by some insects known as the Beatles?

thats a beetle, the insect i mean.

I'd pick love!
And with that love, I can buy m.... oh wait.

"You can buy everything but LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, and EXP POINTS."

Money IS love, baby.

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