Nintendo Direct announced for November 12th at 2 PM PT


Can I get a hallelujah?

Hallelujah!! Booyah! I can't wait! Oh wait...yes I can!! Ha ha! I'll try to get home as soon as possible to catch it!!! Yes!!!

Well it's about time

A Directicus to makes us erecticus!!

(can anyone say forced joke...)



Good on Nintendo. Gives fans more than 2 days to overhype the crap out of this. I expect the Zelda HD remaster, a lot on their mobile game, some paid DLC for games already out, amiibo news and some hopeful release expectations for 2016 for games we know about already.

No mobile; it says this on the Nintendo direct site: "Please note that the presentation will not feature any updates on NX and mobile."

And although no mobile games were showed, they talked about both the Splatoon and Mario websites to find content, which is accesed on your mobile device. So technically, no they didn't, but at the same time, they did a little. And if we are going to count that stupdi badge thing as an announcement - cause its not really a game - the new websites count too and they are a mobile addition.

Why are you telling me this? They did not talk about their mobile games at all just like they said they wouldn't. Having a Mario Maker website is not an update on their mobiles games. Are you mad? You seem like you need to convince me that your prediction was right all along or something.

Looking forward to the announcements. I hope we get some good game surprize announcements. This pleases my directs!

I wonder if they'll do some sort of tribute to Iwata. That would be nice. It would be more fitting to do that on Dec 6th though, on his birthday.

I'd hope it's the first thing they do [even if it's just a title card with the relevant dates ].

... But oh yes, a new ND! Smile

The game awards is on the third, right?

It'll be nice if he gets a mention there.

It'll also be nice if they show a good gameplay reveal trailer of the new Zelda in there just to see how much progress it has gotten.

It'll also be nice if they show a good gameplay reveal trailer of the new Zelda in there just to see how much progress it has gotten.

But they're not ready to talk about NX until 2016. ;P

23:00 for us Europeans living in the CET zone.

Anyway, as long as it has a new Smash Bros. character, I'm good.

This is really exciting; much moreso than when they happened every other month. Quarterly Directs would be a cool way to go going forward.

I also highly, highly suggest people refrain from prediction lists this time around. No "I'm expecting new SF0 info, new Zelda's GOTTA be shown, etc." For a few reasons: #1, to save yourselves the kneejerk disappointment. And #2, this is their first effort since Iwata's passing, and this will be a tender subject for most in the company. Just feels like a time for respect.

Keep your expectations in check, but still: get excited! New Nintendo Direct! Can't wait; Thursday is too far away.

I honestly don't know if I want them to do an Iwata tribute, because I don't wanna cry at work, but I really want an Iwata tribute.

This is just what we needed to boost fanboy Moral. They should have something new to announce, I'm hoping for something really our of left field.

Yes! Yes yes yes yes! Booyah! I'm so ready for this! Who's body is ready for Nintendo Direct!

I'm not really expecting much on Miitomo, Nintendo Directs seem more directed to consoles.

Whilst I agree it probably won't show up here, we haven't had any NDs since they announced any of their mobile title(s) either.

EDIT: This is in the Direct notes actually:

Please note that the presentation will not feature any updates on NX and mobile.

the shoemaker
Tue Nov 10 15 10:26pm
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Yeah like I thought, I think Nintendo will have a different strategy for their mobile titles since the audience they're going for aren't watching Nintendo Directs necessarily. There's also not much reason to hype a mobile game months in advance, I expect they will give lots of info on them right before they release them.

Nintendo Directs are primarily for core games, are they as directed to core gamers.

Also from the main direct page http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/11-12-2015/
Please note that the presentation will not feature any updates on NX and mobile."

The hype train has been dormant for too long now. Glad to see it's finally ready to get moving again!

Curious to see who will be hosting or narrating now. Also hoping for a new Smash Bros. character announcement; feel like we're due for one.

Guess we'll be getting the Badge Arcade announced here. But overall can't wait. I also can't wait to see who will be hosting the Japanese Direct, since for us it'll most likely be Reggie and Bill.

From anyone on tumbler, please excuse my French, it's about fucking time!!!!

Finally! Can't wait to see Twilight Princess HD.

But who will be the presenter?
Kimishima would be kind of cool in his own way xD
But Miyamoto is the way to go in Nintendo Directs.
Or another Nintendo Developer every time.

Yessssss!! I love waking up to the world and hearing good news for a change. Hoping for Zelda U info, and HD Zelda remake, anything beyond that is either mobile info I'm interested in but not that much, and holiday stuff which isn't the most impressive. Of course I hope for surprises beyond the scope of anything they've talked about. It's a direct anything can happen or not much at all, I'm guessing it'll be great, either way it's always exciting.

Tue Nov 10 15 11:08am
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I do miss ol' Shibata, and honestly, I'm expecting nothing.

Not in a bad way, I just don't want the first Direct in months to be disappointing for me ... Although Smash news would be an instant Hype-Explosion from me.

well this direct needs to be really good! if they only show mario tennis, xenoblade and yokai. it will be very bad. we need surprises! and A LOT!

Happy that they're talking about "upcoming games" at large, and not just games for the Holiday season.

Me too. Let's face it, if it was just this holiday's games, we'd have a short, sad Nintendo Direct.

Since this direct it's on a Thursday, I'm expecting at least 2 "Now available to download after this presentation" (one for Wii U -maybe Zelda TP HD,and one for 3DS -Nintendo Badge Center for NA).

Project Guard and Rhythm Heaven 3DS. Probably.


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