Yacht Club holding Reddit AMA tomorrow

Looking to talk to the makers of Shovel Knight? If you're a Reddit user, you can get that chance tomorrow! The Yacht Club gang will be hosting a Reddit AMA, which takes place at 3 PM ET. Hmm...how convenient that the AMA just a couple hours before the Nintendo Direct. I wonder if there's a connection!

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Wed Nov 11 15 03:46pm
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It is actually before the Direct.

The Direct is 2pm, but Pacific Time. That makes it like 5pm over here.

So the AMA is a good 2 hours before the Direct.

EDIT: Ah, okay. You fixed it.

I want to believe it is about Shovel Knight in Smash, but being before the event, I am not sure what to make of it.

It is probably to generate hype and dodge answering about it and get people worked up for the eventual reveal.

Heh, that better be it. I am one of the people who totally expects him to be in, so, this is very much convenient timing. XD

Really hope to see Butt Butt appear!

The Subreddit mod who arranged it said that it was purely coincidental on his end... but no idea whether Yacht Club made it like that on purpose...

They're going to be inundated by dumb Smash questions they couldn't answer even if Shovel Knight was in the game...but it's probably better than if they'd announced it for anytime after the direct.

It's not really suspicious if it's before the direct, if you ask me.

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