Splatoon wins 'Best Game' at BAFTA Children's Awards

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Ok, who thought it'll be a good idea to make Pinwheel an award?

Mon Nov 23 15 11:19pm
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To be fair, it is the best f***ing mask in the game.

After all, you're a kid now.

You're a squid now.

Somehow, I feel like a lot of the gamers out there will snigger at this simply because it will give them a reason to say Nintendo games are for kids.

Splatoon was heavily marketed towards kids and young teens anyway so it wouldn't be a lie in this case. Doesn't mean adults can't enjoy it though.

Those who say that are a bunch of immature dolts who's insecure about themselves and only play mature games to make themselves look mature, but their actions says the otherwise. Those type people always have something to prove about themselves.

that does remind me, I never received my mk trophy, I have the luigi, the mk badges, the coin but yeah not the mk trophy, shoot.

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