Super Mario Maker - Invisible Block glitch courses getting removed

Did you happen to take advantage of the Invisible Block glitch in Super Mario Maker to make courses and then upload them online? We have some good and bad news about that. Bad news is that Nintendo is removing those levels from online. Good news is that you'll still get to keep all the stars you earned from people that took those levels on. I guess we should have seen this coming!

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THank goodness. I think there were 2 different levels I couldn't beat because of this stupid glitch.

I need to get back to playing SMM, been a few weeks, but been trying to finish up other games.

They should just add a feature where you can make invisible blocks.

You can make invisible blocks.

Only ones you can strike from below. Not ones you can stand upon.

Trust me, you don't want that. Not with SMM's online community you don't.

I do. I'm the kinda guy who makes those levels. I find them fun.

I'm sure that a clever player can find a way to make them fun.

Unfortunately that's not the stages you're going to run into when you're playing 100 Man challenge, so, good riddance nonetheless.

I think that's the difference. I follow certain communities that make fun levels. (Like GameXplain's community) so I don't get bogged down by crummy stuff.

Fri Dec 04 15 04:37pm
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Well, it's the main meat of the online game, since you need to play it a bajillion times to unlock all the suits. Glitches like this will only further bog up the stages.

Plus it looks sloppy on Nintendo's part to keep a glitch like that in their official Mario game.

The fact of it being a glitch thing is why I thought it'd be good to replace them with an actual feature instead. Heck, that's where skinny Mario came from.

Skinny Mario is not something 99% of people use to troll people who randomly encounter their stages.

I'm glad they're getting rid of it. They're just broken levels now.

They need to make a lobby to find people who give out stars to other people for playing the levels they make. Also to show people who don't like to give stars so we know to stay away from them. because there are a lot of people online that will play your level but not give you a star when you give them a star back.

Unfortunately, it was the right thing to do given that they fixed the glitch.

They could have avoided having to remove courses by either embracing the glitch or changing the blocks to the blocks that they behaved as - rather than what they looked like.

I hope an update allows us to make legit invisible blocks (that perhaps glow when stepped on or hit) or even allows us to reskin blocks to a variety of options (blue bricks, yellow bricks, etc...)

About damn time!
It's so sloppy to play an officially Nintendo endorsed Mario game and run into a stage where you're walking on and against air. Can't believe people are clamoring to keep it in.

Thu Dec 03 15 06:26pm
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People want to keep it in because people want to see other people suffer

Is this buggier than the usual "make your own levels" title or is this about normal?

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