Tales series hits 16 million shipped

Bandai Namco is very proud to announce that worldwide shipments of the Tales series have now topped 16 million. If you look back at the entire history of the franchise, there have been 17 main entries released so far. It's been awhile since we've seen some Tales love on Nintendo platforms, but let's hope that changes soon!

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Nice. Apparently, one of the best selling Tales game is the GameCube version of Tales of Symphonia.

Doubtful Tales Of director Hideo Baba will acknowledge Nintendo ever again. He was terrorized into submission by the PS3 fanbase after announcing Graces for the Wii, so now he's afraid he's going to be drawn-and-quartered if he does anything good for Nintendo.

That shouldn't stop indies from making a Tales Of clone for the Wii U. Namco Bandai does not own the rights to Tales styled gameplay systems.

IIRC "Summon Night: Swordcraft Story" is a very nice Tales Of clone for the GBA that runs smoothly, something that even the Tales Of Phantasia GBA port failed to do.

I love the idea of the Tales Of games, but I suck so much at them that I never managed to get any further than the first few battles, so they're sadly not for me.

These games should either improve their writing or get shorter stories. Most have come down to dragging in the first two third just to have a lot of twists and turns in the last act to make it feel as something is getting on.


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