More details on the cancelled Fire Emblem Wii

- Fire Emblem Wii was in development after Radiant Dawn but never released
- sales had not been that great for the previous console entries
- Nintendo and interior staff were assuming it was a result of being too niche and needing to broaden to a wider audience
- the project was an experiment to see what may appeal
- it was ultimately shelved after there was a lack of greater objective to the project
- free roam (field) has towns, dungeons, and enemy encounter elements made this more like an RPG
- there were buildings that resembled the style of Southern European architecture that lined with the sea
- player could freely explore, hold conversations, and encounter enemies in the field
- If the player’s character touched an enemy symbol, a battle would begin
- there were towns, buildings, and caves that could be entered

Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!

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I would have definitely bought that game if it were made. I prefer traditional-styled jrpgs over the turn-based strategy games that Fire Emblem has been for all of these years.
Something like this could have been a great thing for fans of jrpgs and Nintendo home consoles have always been low on them since the N64. To not upset long time fans of Fire Emblem who'd complain if the series was changed in a major way, Nintendo could have had this game become a brand new series unrelated to Fire Emblem.

Wed Dec 23 15 02:53pm
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Wow, this sounds interesting. I hope they don't completely lock this idea away. A free roaming Fire Emblem would be a fresh take on the series. I would love for them to continue Ike's story as he traveled the world post-Radiant Dawn.

Also, I would prefer it to be a separate thing from the main turn based FE, like 3D vs 2D Mario.

EDIT: This kind of sounds like the FE: Fates feature, My Castle. Although I don't know much about that mode in my attempt to avoid spoilers.


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