Japan - 4 2DS bundles releasing Feb. 27th, include Pokemon R/G/B/Y

- bundles include a 2DS and a copy of Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, or Yellow
- includes a code for Mew
- code applies to X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire as well
- box also includes a map, theme, and sticker set
- 9,980 yen

Check out all bundles here


Thu Dec 24 15 10:25pm
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It looks so pretty in green. I recently bought the transparent blue one and I love it.

Those are awesome! I have no need for a 2DS, but those are really cool. Perfect marketing bundling them with their matching colored game.

SO gorgeous. Really cool, awesome bundle set. I love how they all match and have matching themes and stickers. I don't even like standard Pokemon and I sort of want one, haha.

Isn't this also the first time the 2DS will be available in Japan?

Oh yeah! Forgot about that. Japan never got the 2DS.

Indeed! Too bad they didn't make it a "new" 2DS :p

See, I actually like those full colour buttons. I really hope Nintendo goes back to using them for all its future consoles.

I love when Nintendo does coloured, semi-transparent versions of its hardware like this.

Oh no, I HAVE to get these, Its even got the original box art from japan.

I dont need a 2ds, but I will buy one of these just for that damn box.

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