Aryll speaks for Toon Link in Hyrule Warriors Legends

If you've played Wind Waker, you know that Toon Link doesn't have a fairy. That causes a bit of a problem in Hyrule Warriors Legends, where all Links are spoken for by a fairy. What does that mean for Toon Link? The developers decided to have Aryll speak for Toon Link, which certainly makes sense in the context of Wind Waker.


Oh. I did not even consider how they were going to approach that problem. Did Young Link have any dialogue in the original Hyrule Warriors? I never got the DLC.

They just used the same Fairy as Link, which is dumb. I would have loved if they used Tatl to differentiate him.

Aww, that is disappointing. I guess it makes sense why Young Link wouldn't be given Tatl, at least in Legends, considering Skull Kid incorporates Tatl and Tael into his attacks. But that still feels uninspired.

That's a clever workaround.

Ugh... Couldn't they have just given him his own dialogue instead?... Who cares if he has dialogue, I'd rather hear Link speak for himself, instead of always having a whiny fairy/girl speak for him every time...

I actually think it adds a certain charm to have a fairy who speaks for Link instead.

It's not like Aryll was whiny.

More importantly, the characters only speak in text format anyway. There is virtually no time or incentive to read all the text that pops up. Toon Link is not part of story Mode, so he wouldn't add anything.

So it is silly, but him speaking would add NOTHING to the game. It wouldn't matter who spoke.

But the sounds the characters make when a text appears is very annoying in Hyrule Warriors. I cringe every time I hear Link's Fairy, Lana, or the soldiers cry and whine everytime trouble occurs. The noises they make are just ear piercing, whiny, and very annoying.


I don't see why hearing the same Link grunts over and over would be any better. Especially Toon Link's.

May as well have no sounds.

Hm, interesting. While I don't know much about Hyrule Warriors (I've only seen a trailer here and there), I think I actually like the grunts and such.

Try playing the game, and see what I mean. Your soldiers cannot look after themselves, and there are times where they're outnumbered, and they start crying for your help. You're doing your best to fend for yourself while saving them at the same time, and it gets really annoying to hear Lana constantly screeching "Aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeegggghhhhh!!!!" over and over, along with the guards constantly yelling "Bleeeeeuuuugghhheeaaaagggghhhhhh!!!" over and over. Trust me, it is not fun to listen to...

When I saw that screenshot, I thought Aryll was a fairy. In Wind Waker, fairies weren't glowing orbs, so it could have been. The screenshot clearly spells Aryll's Japanese name though, so it certainly is her.

I would have thought Tetra (via that Pirate Charm thing) or the King of Red Lions would have been a better choice, but that is interesting.

The problem with that is that Tetra and the King of Hyrule are both playable in this game. If you look closely at the screenshot, though, you'll see that Aryll is talking through the pirate charm.

You have a good set of eyes! I hadn't spotted that until you pointed it out!

Seems weird to me, but I adore Aryll, so it's cool.

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