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Wed Jan 20 16 05:40pm
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The game didn't launch with it? Is that normal for US* releases? I assumed they all came with with English, French, and Spanish text because of the prevalence of those languages.

*I don't know enough about how Nintendo releases in Mexico and Canada work to know who handles localization and how.

No Spanish language support is not normal for US releases and I would say around 90% of games released are English monolingual. Some of the big publishers (not all) will include Spanish or French options on AAA releases but as native speakers will attest in many cases the quality of these localizations is an afterthought.

Oh, that's really unfortunate, given that these translations more or less are likely already being done on other continents. Thanks for letting me know.

Well the regional dialects are a bit different from whats served in Europe and they can be hit and miss. Nintendo tends to be one of the better ones.

Yeah, I figure it's not an ideal solution.

Most Nintendo games from the Wii/DS era and pretty much every game NoA has released for the Wii U and 3DS has come with a Spanish option. It's very rare for a Nintendo game to not have one. The only other recent example I can think of is Fire Emblem Awakening (which is a very stupid decision considering how text-heavy that game is and how there was a readily avalaible Spanish translation from NoE, since the game released there first) and also some NIntendo-published (but not developed) games like the Professor Layton series.

NoA usually does its own translation (which are actually pretty decent most of the time, or at least better than average) or adapts the one done by NoE (Latin American Spanish is very different from Spain Spanish). In very rare cases they just copy-paste the NoE translation, which is what I assume was done with Xenoblade X (I don't know, I set my console in English a long time ago because I can't stand the Spanish announcer in Smash).

For reference, the original Xenoblade did come with a Spanish translation. I played it with Japanese audio and Spanish subtitles. But it was European Spanish.

Thanks for the elaboration! In the case of Xenoblade Chronicles, it seems like both North America and Latin America got a similar deal, with the European translation and all. Though, of course, there was English VA, and I'm not sure if Spanish VA is that common for localized games. Hopefully language support continues and improves.

It depends mostly on the publisher. There are cases where the PAL version gets Spanish voice acting but the American version doesn't, so we're forced to use the English VA. Sometimes not even Spain gets Spanish VA so we're all on the same boat. Unfortunately, many other times our version uses the European Spanish voice acting which is IMO the worst case scenario because 99% of the time the acting is extremely annoying (it always sounds like bad porn dubs). And veeeeery rarely there's an actual Latin American dub. I've never heard of it happening the other way (Spanish people being forced to use the Latin American VA), I guess Spain is just a more profitable/important market than Latin America, so that's cool for them I guess.

(BTW I have nothing against Spanish people. I just really dislike their dubs because of the heavy accent and the huge amount of idioms they use, which make it very annoying to us and sometimes even hard to understand.)

Most of the games often come in spanish (text only thankfully, except for smash which sucks in spanish). But some titles here and there come in english like fire emblem, professor layton (that title needs to be in spanish if you want more people to actually play it) and some others here and there.

Nice to see the language added but I would prefer some kind of "language option" so I can listen to the original voice acting while keeping the english subs.

I think that's what this update does. There's no Spanish voice acting in the PAL release. Shame it didn't launch with the feature, though.

light wolf
Thu Jan 21 16 07:55am
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Ugh, this is one of my biggest pet-peeves.

I seriously don't understand how can it be so hard to add a manual language switch for each game. Some games have really good Spanish translations, some suck, some have decent translations but awful Spanish voice acting, etc. It's such a hassle to have to change the console's language (and thus affecting every single game I play on it) because I want to experience different games in different ways.

A really good example of doing it right is the Uncharted series. By default, the whole game is in whatever language your console is set to. But then you can go to the game's settings and change (independently) the languages for voice acting, subtitles and menus. And it only affects that single game. It's the ideal way to handle this, IMO.

Thu Jan 21 16 08:36am
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Yeah, totally agree with you. Games like Resident Evil: Revelations, Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 are also good examples. I was able to play those games with the japanese voice acting (though I played W101 with the english voice acting as I felt it was really good and fitting) and with spanish subs. I wish most games would allow that, specially when there's audio compromised in the translation. I Don't want to be changing my console settings every time I want to play a game in order to enjoy different voice languages and I also can't since my console is used by my family as well so If I change it to english then I have to revert it and so on.

light wolf
Thu Jan 21 16 09:44am
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The worst thing is when we're forced to listen to the European audio. I only understand like half the dialogue because of the accent.

I don't really care anymore because I understand English fairly well so I just set the console language to that, but a lot of people in Latin America don't. It's really stupid because the content is already there, I doubt it'd take too many resources to offer language options in-game.

I kinda want to know how they translated some cussing words and "surging loins" =P

Actually, I always assumed, US releases are always in english only (except for some niche games with a japanese option). Now I'm curious - when did that change? Which language options are usually offered?

Wed Jan 20 16 07:00pm
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"US" release is actually NTSC-U release, which apply to North America, central america and south america. The games you get is the same we do. Some of them are translated, some of them not.

The languajes supported should be: French (Canada), English (Canada and USA), portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (most of latin america).

We dont get to choose, the languaje is automatically selected based on then console languaje.

Multi lingual games are a thing since the gamecube.

Wed Jan 20 16 08:00pm
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Hmm, interesting. I guess I wouldn't notice unless I changed my console language. Thanks for this information.

And the only game I've liked in latin american spanish is Alan Wake. I mean with how downhill VA has gotten in Latin America, I can imagine no paying that well to dub a voice in a videogame.

Does this mean we will be seeing a Japanese audio language support in the future!? Heck the ingame chat txt box needs a major face lift to include ppls Mii face so we know who are friends are!

That would be awesome but I doubt it. It would require a massive patch considering the amount of voice the game has, and there also might be some copyright issues. It's very different from just adding another language's subtitles.

Well I'll hold my breath on it. If the day comes that we do get it we'll all be happy expect me. Because I'd have died holdn my breath that long lol.


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