RUMOR - Squid Sisters amiibo on the way

The info above was sniffed out by NWPlayer1234, who has leaked a number of other Splatoon info that was spot-on. The reference to idolA and idolB would certainly seem to indicate that more amiibo are on the way, and the Squid Sisters line up quite nicely with that reference. I guess we'll just have to hang back and see what Nintendo says!

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But I just imported the Callie and Marie plush, because I thought we weren't getting amiibo of them...

Who am I kidding? I'd have bought both anyway. I need them now!

I sure hope so. ^^ And gimme that Judd Amiibo as well<3

Since they do have two new weapon classes that they can make amiibo challenges for, it does make some sense.

That is a good point. Would be fun to tackle the Single Player with the Bucket and Splatling. As long as they unlock 'Hero Splatling Replica' and 'Hero Bucket Replica'. ^^

Oh and Judd too please. Thanks.

Sat Jan 30 16 02:10pm
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I don't have Splatoon but the characters are appealing. I'd pick these up.

You should get Splatoon, though. It's awesome! Smile

Nah, not my cup of tea. It seems lacking in single player content and I won't play multiplayer without voice chat.

Squid Sisters?! Amiibos?! My wallet is ready!!

Take my monies!! And Judd and Octolings too please. :D


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