Mega Man Legacy Collection - Rockman 5 runs better than Mega Man 5

Seems like Mega Man 5 in the Mega Man Legacy Collection has some issues. The game suffers from a lot of slowdown, more than what you'd experience if you were playing on an actual NES. There's only one fix right now and it's not really a fix! You can visit the options menu and change the games from Mega Man to Rockman. For whatever reason, the Japanese version of Mega Man 5 seems to run a lot better. Let's hope Capcom offers up a patch for this issue soon.

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I noticed some slowdown... I wonder if this applies to the challenges as well.

There is significantly more slowdown than I am used to in certain parts. I think they're over compensating for the small screen of the original 3DS, since I noticed sometimes it's hard to dodge shots I'm normally able to.


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