Japan - Pokemon Yellow tops sales of R/B/Y/G re-releases

It would be interesting to see what ends up being the best-selling color across the world. I'd also love to hear some actual numbers, but Nintendo doesn't like to talk about that too much.

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Well, Pikachu is factually the best Kanto starter so it makes sense :P

This doesn't surprise me, considering that Yellow didn't get remade during the GBA era.

You can get all three usual starters on Yellow, that's enough incentive for me. Also it looks nicer and has some minor improvements. I'm still undecided about getting that one or Red. I never played Yellow so I'm not that nostalgic over it but at the same time that's also a reason to play it (not to mention all the games are pretty much the same in the end).

Its the best mix of the first generation, so it makes sense that people like it more. Or maybe it's because they already played Red/Blue and wanted to try the third game instead. I know that would happen for me if they re-released Crystal, Emerald or Platinum

I had no interest in the starters besides Pikachu because I trained them all recently. I got Yellow for the sole reason that it has color. I wish the 3DS had color palette options like the GBA.

I got Yellow on Pokémon Day. I played Red about 10 years ago, and I still got the original Game Boy cartridge.


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