Japan - Mega Man Legacy Collection sales info

- sold 23,942 on 3DS in launch week
- sold 50% of initial shipment

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It's a good collection. I think it's only concern is that these games have been on the VC for years. The exclusive Amiibo and extra features will hopefully give it some legs, as it's well done.

I was about to say "that's disheartening", but I didn't even know it was out yet for 3DS. Talk about a stealth release.

Sun Mar 06 16 08:50am
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You're not wrong here. The Collection had a Ninja eShop only release here in Europe, without the Amiibo of course which made the digital only release even worse. I know it was a mistake praising Capcom a few minthbago. For what? Can't remember. I was most likely drunk.


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