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Wow, exactly like the Japanese boxart. Guess they took the complains from 4U to heart (albeit it didn't look that bad) and turned it around here. Nice job, Capcom USA.

We finally get the good box art for a MH game... MH3U I think is the worst of all of them in the US

light wolf
Tue Mar 08 16 09:25pm
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IIRC, Tri was the last one where they kept the Japanese boxart (and the last one where they featured the game's flagship monster), back in 2010. It's been a long time.

Wed Mar 09 16 05:31am
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I'd take any cover this game throws at us right now bcos I need this NOW in my 3dsxL!

I was hoping that we would get another crossplatform game by the time this got localized. I want shared saves between portable and home versions like with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

What is she ttrying to accomplish with that hammer? Hitting the other hunter?

Hammer users can easily throw other hunters into the air with their hits, plus they usually charge their attacks while running towards the monster. It doesn't seem that weird for a regular hammer user.

True dat. And since MH4, it could even be a tactic to throw others into the air and land an aerial hit. But the way it looks, she's just about to hit him with the new hunter arts special attack.
Also, the GS user is charging his attack. So swinging at him would totally nullify his efforts.
Just thought it looked kinda weird.


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