Fan-Art: Custom Okami amiibo by MissGandaKris

Man, this Okami amiibo just makes me want another Okami game. I don't know if that'll ever happen, but I guess I'll keep fingers/toes crossed! Thanks to Andrewmated for the heads up!

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Tags: ds, wii, dsi, okami, amiibo


So beautiful...!

It's a crying shame that Okami HD never made it to anything but PS3 [or that Okamiden just outright sucked].

Wow, so cool!!

When the Wii U was revealed and I still had some faith in it, one of my dream games was an Okami sequel that made use of the GamePad. Oh well...

Thu Mar 10 16 08:48pm
Rating: 1

I hope there's another Okami game someday. (Also, I liked Okamiden!)

Hard to avoid Midnas odd hand position on the original figure.....

Okamiden was paced better than Okami. Much more enjoyable for me.


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