Miitomo hits 1 million downloads

Well, looks like Nintendo just keeps getting reasons to celebrate the release of Miitomo. In just 3 days, the Miitomo app has been downloaded 1 million times in Japan. That number includes downloads between iOS and Google Play. Now let's get the rest of the world in on the action, damnit!

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Sun Mar 20 16 12:53am
Rating: 4

This app is totally able to be played for free. You don't have to spend any money. Don't be a blind hater, they are working on normal games too. Nintendo wouldn't be Nintendo without these quirky side projects, I wouldn't have them any other way.

I wonder what it can do here in the US. I suppose it can do good for a few days but it will fall. And who knows if it can play with the top grossing apps here. Being downloaded for free is one thing making it in the top grossing list is another.

I think it'll have a similar affect to the Tomodachi Life videos that already exist on the internet, but on a somewhat larger scale. Its staying power probably won't be that great, but I can see it succeeding as a platform to make cute little photos and things for a while. I can't see this competing with the top grossing apps, especially in the long-term. It's not Nintendo's Angry Birds, and I don't think it's trying to be.

fred duck
Sun Mar 20 16 08:37am
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I haven't seen the videos you speak of, but Tomodachi Life is a fishtank with quirky and strange conversations baked in. Your fish say and do wacky things.

Conversely, Miitomo is:

1 An "everyday life" survey
2 A terrible plinko minigame
3 Rarely, slightly weird photos/poses
4 Clothing

From what I understand, the information it harvests is supposed to drip out to your friends.

Otherwise, this is like saying Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is a JRPG because it superficially looks like one.

I tried making multiple Miis but they only show up as wallpaper in the plinko game and never come to interact with my main Mii or even run the shop.

I don't see how anyone can get an interesting video out of Miitomo but I guess I'll have to fabricate a friend for my Mii and see if they actually do anything.

As for unlocking everything for free (your lower comment)...I can't imagine how long it would take to amass enough coins to do so. Shirts seem to average about 1600c, and you get 15c per question you answer, up until the invisible limit where it stops giving you coins for a while.

That means, you'd need to answer about 107 questions, and at about 3~4/day that's 1 month or so. If the limit is 2x that, we'll say two weeks.

Did I mention each color counts as a separate item, too?

I'm pretty sure Nintendo's going to turn off the server before anyone gets anything approaching the whole catalog through free plays.

Yes, they are starting out by handing people free bundles of 500 coins but there's way more clothing than even that will help.

So, I made a friend for myself and made friends with myself. You get coins for commenting on other people's comments and things, so with one active friend, you can probably make 1000 coins in a few days. I guess the point is to have a lot of friends answering the same inane questions, and making clever comments on them. The friend did show up once and asked a series of probing questions, as well.

I'm not sure why if someone really did have lots of friends, why they would want to go through this as an intermediate step in the communication process. T_T;

Sat Mar 19 16 11:48pm
Rating: 3

I honestly hope it fails. I want Nintendo to focus more on quality games that are worth buying, instead of all of these simple micro transaction bait filled games.

Sun Mar 20 16 12:53am
Rating: 4

This app is totally able to be played for free. You don't have to spend any money. Don't be a blind hater, they are working on normal games too. Nintendo wouldn't be Nintendo without these quirky side projects, I wouldn't have them any other way.

For the love of god, Miitomo isn't a game. Nintendo has said this again and again. It's almost more of a social network than a game. I can personally say that I feel the microtransactions aren't handled poorly. They aren't particularly intrusive, and it's one of those apps where you're able to "unlock" every possible item through just playing. The "buy coins" page or whatever that has an ~$80 option is pretty offensive in its very existence, but that's about the worst of it.

Then you're wishing Nintendo to end.

They need to expand their market and mindshare by incorporating a mobile strategy or their place in the industry will continue to decline.

And with a bigger audience will come more profit and quality games will continue to be made by them.

You don't need to buy into any of their mobile efforts yourself, but wishing it as a whole to fail in this day and age is both bad business sense and petty.

Sun Mar 20 16 12:08pm
(Updated 1 time)

If you wish for it to fail then there's no other way to say it, you are evil... Why on earth would you wish failure on someone or something else? Did they do something horrible to you? Did they harm you?

Gamers get a bad rap for being hateful, spiteful people. Your post does not improve that perception in any way.

I'm not wanting Nintendo to fail, I'm wanting their mobile marketing to fail. Mobile gaming is killing the industry, and now Nintendo joined it. I want games that are worth buying, not limited games that claim they're free, but pester you to waste money on it constantly, or late hours later to keep playing. I like games that allow you to keep retrying when you fail, and advance through your progress at your own pace.

I like adventure 3d platform games like Mario 64, instead, Nintendo is focusing too much on simple and boring touch screen games and apps.

Just so you know, I am not spiteful towards Nintendo, I am spiteful towards mobile marketing ruining everything. Too many companies are relying on it too much, and are getting more greedy and corrupt, including Microsoft, Sony, Activision, EA, Capcom, Sega, and now even Nintendo! Mobile marketing is evil.

Sun Mar 20 16 12:52pm
(Updated 1 time)

I agree with you as long as when you say "quality games" you mean quality games on consoles and not on mobile.

I couldn't care less about the quality of the mobile games and considering that buy to play is pretty much dead on mobile, I wouldn't expect them to be stupid enough to release a non free to play title there.

Heck yeah, I want them to focus on consoles.

Sun Mar 20 16 03:36am
Rating: 1

Great news! I just hope they can sustain that number though. Nintendo could have done any old port of their Pokemon or Mario games and made bank but they didn't. They are trying something new and trying to get people to My Nintendo so I respect them for that. If it comes out in my country I will spend a few dollars just to support.

I don't even think I will download it.

I have no interest in Miitomo, but if its success means more games on dedicated handhelds and consoles from Nintendo, I hope it does very well.


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