RUMOR - Another look at the NX controller, with new details

UPDATE - Confirmed fake

NX controller

- only the upper 'nubs' of the sticks move
- rollers on the top feel and look pretty much identical to a mouse scroll-wheel
- Haptic feedback feels like Apple's 'taptic' engine, not a regular rumble
- 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom

Once again, some pretty interesting images. Which side of the fence are you on. Is this fake or real? Thanks to Hblaese for the heads up! UPDATE - For what it's worth, Nintendo treehouse member Corey Olcsvary has retweeted the information and then deleted his retweet. We don't know how that bodes for the rumor, but it's certainly interesting!

UPDATE 2 - Game Informer editor Andy McNamara says the images match some details that he heard about the controller. He doesn't name sources and he also makes sure to say that just because some details line up, doesn't mean the images are real.

UPDATE 3 - Our friends at NWR say that their inside sources claim the images are fake.

UPDATE 4 - Liam Robertson, a man known to have multiple industry connections, says a source at NoE has told him the images are fake.

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Here, GN, I made a "leak". Can I have my own article now?

I go for real at this point, and I am all for trying it out, despite my current disappointment that it might not have physical buttons afterall. I am sure it will work fine, or else Ninty wouldn't do it, but... I am pretty used to buttons at this point. XD

So many rumours and leaks.
I want it to be E3 already so I know what is real.

Fake as %@$&#!=*5cwa3.14159.

Wed Mar 23 16 01:29pm
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Well now I am more believing this is real. Still not sure I like the lack of handles but that can be fixed with a shell.

It's definitely a real picture this time.

But of a dev kit or a prototype some big N fan cooked up? Jury's out n that one.

Looks frickin' tiny tbh [even as a Console controller]. I'm expecting a bigger [and HD] screen in the NX Console's controller [despite what GamePad naysayers may be expecting], but in this form would certainly be... interesting!

Idk, it looks like it has almost the same area of screen space as the wii u controller sitting next to it, just a smaller housing. Which would make it better for taking on the go, if it has that capability

Wed Mar 23 16 01:31pm
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The image looks real, but that doesn't mean it actually has anything to do with Nintendo.

It just occurred to me that we have zero actual details on this system, yet Nintendo has a completed controller for it. That seems odd. No release window, no details on specs, yet they have a completely manufactured and designed controller? That thing is awful slick looking for something that shouldn't even be in the hands of developers or publishers in such a form yet.

What are you talking about? There have been rumors of devs having NX devkits for quite a while now.

A dev kit is not a copy of the console, it's basically a computer tower designed to the specs of the system. Typically any pre-release hardware for them are prototypes, not obviously completed and release quality units as between now and release things could change considerably.

I know what a devkit is much better than you can possibly imagine...

Le epic meme guy! xD

Wed Mar 23 16 01:31pm
(Updated 1 time)

This is 100% real and for the console. Wow. I can't wait to see well how the haptic buttons work.

Also, I knew it was a good idea not to completely dismiss the previous leak.

Wed Mar 23 16 01:33pm
(Updated 1 time)

I don't know whether or not I like the design and the functionality of the Nintendo NX controller (assuming that all the rumours and leaks are true).

Are people really thinking this is the real deal? Come on...

Let's just say that this is the controller for the NX. If this happens to be the real deal, then I'm sorry to say but Nintendo can kiss my lilly white ass. No way I'm gaming on something that looks uncomfortable as hell to hold and no buttons. I hate playing games on my smartphone as it is...that is why I always have my 3DS at my side. Quite literally it is beside me everywhere I go...

The original patent was like this but it also looked like it could 'dock' to handles for more comfortable play. The concept behind the controller (if real) seems to be that it's extremely customizable, even down to what buttons you can have on it. You can literally program buttons on the thing if it really gives physical feedback and near zero latency.

Nintendo will never do that, we can't see the back of it but we can notice the controller is far from the desk. You can see the headphone cord going under the controller. The first 3DS was kind of unconfortable but they've fixed it on XL.

Agreed. Haptic touch buttons never worked. Ever. Plus, if this is how it comes out of the box, even if customizable, it means people will make a lot of touch only games.

If the recent rumors are true, it'll be a screen where the buttons will be programmable, and will rise up out of the screen somewhat to deliver the exact same feel of buttons on any other controller, so I doubt devs will go with touch-only for most of their games.
Besides, do you really think there would be rumors of third parties liking what they're seeing in the NX's hardware, if touch-only was what came out of the box?

\o/ hope all this confirms to be true in April (investor briefing) or June (E3).

Wed Mar 23 16 01:41pm
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When I saw the first leak I was hoping so badly it would be fake. I'm willing to try mostly anything from Nintendo, but I just can't give up physical buttons... I'm so disappointed. I'm worried that many people will not be willing to give it a try if they hear there are no physical buttons and on top of that the shape does not look comfortable. Still hoping against all odds this is fake. Not like this, Nintendo... Sad

If it happens to be true, this is the time for fans to stand up against Nintendo. It will need to bomb hard, or else, they will never learn.

Wed Mar 23 16 01:47pm
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Reallly NOT feeling this controller. Looks like a fingerprint mess waiting to happen.

Blue ocean strategy. Nintendo is going to drag all of us vets into the button less era.
But, one thing we can be sure of, they will make and profit off of an optional NX Pro Controller.

Has anyone taken into consideration that this "controller" may just be an extension to another component. I think this will please the cell phone casuals while there might be a separate controller for actual gamers, OR this little piece can be docked into a controller with actual buttons.....PLOT TWIST!

Real controllers should "never" be separate. They should be the default.

Wed Mar 23 16 01:50pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

The NX looks like it was conceptually just a fine tuning of the failed Wii U.

Could still be a fake but I lean on it being real.

One thing to keep in mind is it's still not the final retail controller so while there won't be drastic changes there is still some tweaks that could be made based on feedback.

Wed Mar 23 16 01:53pm
(Updated 1 time)

Don't like it, but it falls into convention with smartphones, and the desired/elusive smartphone controller.

Industry copies will follow...if this is indeed real.

Looks real and as others have said, if it is real disappointed with lack of buttons. I hate playing games on a phone with virtual buttons.

Just thought of something. It's probably backward compatible with the Wii and Wii U controllers, so theoretically, we don't need a new controller with buttons. They will likely retail a Wii U gamepad for people that want it, however.

Fake or real, the time before a new comsole has been announced is an exciting time.

I do hope this isn't it, definitely needs REAL buttons! Playing on an iPad my fingers always glide away from where you should be pressing. You need the feel of a button under your finger!!!

That mac keyboard is german, so this is probably not a leak from japan or eeuu. I dont know any german developers beside shiin'en and EA phenomics... if this is real it should be reeally easy to track (for nintendo)

Wed Mar 23 16 02:22pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

It looked German to me too first, but in fact it's not. There's an 'Ö' and an 'Ä', but then there's not an 'Ü' above it, instead it's some kind of an A with a point above it. Some of the other symbols are in another position too. I am German myself :P

I'm pretty sure it's Swedish. I just compared it with a picture of a Swedish keyboard and it matches up.

You are right. So two leaks, the first one in german forum(white controller) and the second one swedish person (black controller) why two countries so close to each other would receive difefent controllers?

Mr. Claw, welcome back.

... we missed you. ;D

Thanks man! :D
I am on GoNintendo everyday :P
Not posting many comments though

Same here, same here. :D

As long as I can actually touch the joysticks with the end of my thumb and not the hand (i.e. have the extender on each end that most controllers have) and the touchscreen responds well then I'm all for it. Also I'm for this being a leaked dev kit, not the final thing


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